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  1. I’m not sure what I’ve done is correct. I have been getting your email for a very long time and have enjoyed it. I’ve wanted to do the link-up of blessings but wasn’t certain how to go about it. I tried this morning and used my susan todd author page with Facebook first ( storyweaver) #4 but then decided to go back to my blog and start it up again. So I rejoined under storyweaver #5 . Goodness, I think I’ve confused myself even more. I really am not this scatterbrained, I promise. I didn’t see where I could delete the #4 join so I guess you will have to do it.
    My blog hasn’t been updated yet but I intend to start working on that again. Longsuffering, is a gift. I will get this going with your help. I’d like to commit to linking up and doing my blog this year. I am laughing because I’m off to a great start. Thanks for your help.


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