Julie is a wife, mom, and writer. She loves the Lord with all her heart, her mind and soul. Those are the most important things in her life.

Julie has loved to write since she learned how to write! Journals and stories filled notebooks filled her childhood. She now writes a monthly article for a homeschooling newsletter and has also been published in a homeschooling magazine as well as online. She is working on her homeschooling book and hopes to have it published soon.

A lover of the written word, Julie also reads voraciously and reviews books and CD's for major publishing companies and publicity groups.

Julie has been married for 31 years and was a homeschool mom for over 10 years. She graduated both her sons from homeschooling and both are honor students in college now. She doesn't credit herself for this but for the great foundation that their Christian homeschooling gave her children.
Crochet, painting, cross-stitch, and other creative arts are things that Julie enjoys when she has some spare time. She also loves her doggies and they are spoiled and loved beyond measure.

Her vision for her blog is to share her life as a Christian woman. She will always be real and share good and bad. To encourage others through Jesus is her greatest mission. Julie also takes seriously her mission to review books and CD's that will enrich your life and bring you enjoyment.

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