Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yummy Dinner!

I made a delicious dinner tonight of steak, oven fried potatoes, and tossed salad. I have to say, my oven fried potatoes are the BEST! The key is to cook them in an iron skillet or casserole. Of course, as Paula Deen would say, "and lots of butter". Here's a picture of my steak and potatoes

I know the background is not real lovely, but I have them all in the oven keeping them warm for my son and his friend. They have been at college at class and it was a late class so the rest of my family all ready ate. Here's my recipe for oven fried potatoes:

5 lbs of Red potatoes
1 medium white onion
1/2 cup butter (YES, a whole stick!)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Butter an iron skillet or iron coated casserole. Wash the potatoes and cut into round discs, about 1/8" thick. Put slices into the skillet. Dice onion into large pieces and place in skillet. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cut butter into tablespoon slices and place on top of the potatoes and onions on top in different areas. Bake in oven at 375 degrees for about 1 hour. If you like them really crispy, you can cook them for a bit longer. Enjoy!!

One of my favorite blogs (actually my ABSOLUTE favorite) to visit is A Chelsea Morning
Barb has LOTS of wonderful recipes that she shares frequently. In fact, over the 4th of July, I made her BLT Pasta Salad Oh, my goodness, it was so good. My family just gobbled it up! I can highly recommend this wonderful salad. . . and a wonderful blog!


  1. Well, it looks like you are just getting started with blogging, and you're off to a great start! Thanks for visiting me! Welcome, and feel free to come back by anytime. :-)

    I make oven fried and often grilled potatoes, but I usually use bacon grease or oil in mine. For the grill I put them in foil packets, and I have even put the foil packets in the coals of a campfire with wonderful results.

    Barb is one of my bestest buddies. :-)



  2. I love those oven cooked potatoes and I love steak! And, I love Barb over at A Chelsea Morning! She is the greatest!

  3. Thanks for the visit. Your recipe looks wonderful. You have lucky son to come home to that. :) Welcome to the blogosphere. It's a fun :)

  4. Imagine my being mentioned in your first post! What a compliment that is.

    Your potatoes look wonderful. I make a very simple version of oven "fried" potatoes too. I just put the potatoes, a little vegetable oil and one package of dry onion soup mix in a ziplock, mix it all up and put it in a glass baking dish. They're delicious but only if you really like onion.

    Welcome to Bloggityville - you're off to a very nice start and thank you so much for your kind words about A Chelsea Morning. :-)

  5. Thanks for stopping by!

    That dinner looked delicious. Anyone who mentions Paula Deen and uses real butter is a friend of mine.

    Barb is one of my faves, too.

    Welcome to bloggityville.


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