Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting ready for school

I have been going through all our curriculum and have our new year of homeschooling all planned out. My son is in 11th grade, so it's quite a load, but he will be able to handle it fine. In fact, he seems excited to be getting started. He's doing Bible Study, Algebra, US History, American Literature, Chemistry, Geography, Spelling & Vocabulary, and Writing. This will be the first year I'm only schooling one child as my oldest is now in college. I'm going to enjoy and savor these two remaining years I have with my last child, believe me!!

I've been inspired by Barb to start my Christmas projects. She is doing some wonderful counted cross stitch projects that I would dearly love to do, but I have no idea what the pattern is. If anyone knows, would you please let me know? Check out her blog where you'll see a picture of the ornaments she's working on. I'm working on counted cross stitch projects as well as my crocheting. I found a marvelous book at a thrift shop that had the most adorable baby booties in them that I will just have to make. I also went to WalMart and found the cutest fabric panels. One is of the nativity and one is of a snowman. They are going to be so easy to do, but will be darling when finished!!

For dinner tonight, I'm making baked pork chops (they are an inch thick!), baked potatoes and broccoli. For desert, I made luscious, individual zucchini cakes with orange frosting drizzled on top. Yummy!! My family is gonna love it!!

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  1. I'm impressed that you're getting a start on your Christmas projects before summer is even over. I usually not in a Christmas frame of mind until early Nov!


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