Sunday, May 25, 2008

Marathon Trip!

I just got back last night from a marathon trip to California. It's been a very stressful couple of weeks around here and the trip was the rectification of getting rid of the stress - namely, my sister-in-law.

She has been here visiting my mother-in-law. My mil went to get her about 2 months ago. My sil doesn't drive so it comes down to someone driving her where she needs or wants to go. My sil has always been aggressive and demanding, however, she has gotten worse as she gets older. The first day she came to see us, I was talking to my mil and asking her a question. My sil put her hand over my mil's mouth and told her, "We're not going to talk about that." I removed my sil's hand from my mil's mouth (I might add here, I was horrified and angry that she did this) and told her not to do that and then went on talking to my mil. That was minor compared to what she has put my mil through since then. She is abusive mentally and verbally and finally my mil came to our house alone and told us she is worn out. Evidently, one of the things my sil does is to wake my mil up in the night and not let her sleep. So, not only does she have to deal with the abuse during the day, she couldn't even get rested during the night. My mil is a very docile person and I think my sil intimidates her, so she just let her run over her. My hubby and I told her that my sil needed to go home. Now. We went over there last week and told my sil that we were going to take her home. Oh - my - goodness. It was an ugly scene. She even used curse words (the really BAD curse words) to tell us what she thought of that. My mil got nervous and just let it drop. Then 2 days later, she was in tears and told us again how worn out she is. She then left her purse at Taco Bell. In my 26 years of marriage to my hubby, I've never known my mil to leave her purse anywhere. Ever. I knew then that she was just beyond worn out.

Friday morning, we packed up my sil's things and told her she was going home. She again had a fit, but this time, we told her she was going. Final. I drove, my mil was in the front seat and my two son's sat on either side of my sil in the back. We weren't sure if she would try to jump out at some point or what. Anyway, we left at 1:00 pm and got there at 8:00 pm. Her hubby came and got her (She wouldn't give me directions to her house, so I had to call him) at the Wienerschnitzel parking lot! She was quiet the whole way out and wouldn't talk to my mil at all when we got there. To say she acted like a little kid is an understatement. We spent the night at a motel and got up and left town the next morning at 10am. I got home at 4:00 Did you see how fast I got home compared to going there? That's because we were all excited about getting home and resting up after the horrible 2 months we've all had. My mil was so relieved. I talked to her this morning and she said she's in her jammies and crocheting. Her voice sounded brighter and she seems like her old self. I'm still so tired from the drive, I'm still in my jammies, too, and didn't go to church, which is very unusual for me. Isn't it horrible when someone in the family is such a bully that we're all relieved to see them leave?

She has never gotten along with my hubby and she has always talked to him horrible, too. However, she has gotten much more evil (this is not too strong a word, folks) and just says horrible, vicious things. Thank goodness, my hubby doesn't take it, but it's still uncomfortable and stressful when you have to deal with someone like that.

I love my mil like she's my Mom and I'm so glad this is over. She's going to be 84 in a couple of weeks, and this whole thing was hard on her. Having someone abuse you - even verbally - is exhausting and I know having my sil gone is going to give her time to recover and be her old self again. In fact, on the way home, she said to me, "When are we going camping?" LOL She loves to go camping and so do we, so now we have a big camping trip to plan. I'm sure we'll all sit around the fire in silent companionship and just relax and be thankful that my sil isn't there! LOL Oh, that wasn't nice, but that's the truth.

I don't know - am I the only one out there with crazy relatives?

I'm going to go and cook a nice meal for my family and take some over to my in-laws. I'm sure they could use a good meal and they can sit with each other and just relax and eat.

Have a wonderful and blessed Lord's day! I plan to!

God bless you ~ Julie

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