Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back from Camping!

We just got back from a camping trip. We didn't go too far as my hubby had some business he had to take care of and this way we could still go, but he could still use his cell phone and take care of things that came up with his business. We only went about 15 miles from home, but it was in the mountains, it was cooler and we did get to go fishing. We didn't catch a thing, but it was still fun!

Here's something that totally was a shock! The last time I got a fishing license was in 2001. The license was $12.00 and the trout stamp was $8.00 for a total of $20.00. I remember at the time thinking that was just outrageous. LOL Well, was I in for a shock the other day when I went to WalMart to get my license. It was $23.50 and the trout stamp was $15.75 for a grand total of $39.25 On top of this, I had to buy my sons' fishing license and theirs was $26.50 EACH so that was $53.00!!! My hubby said we could have gone to the store and bought a boat load of trout for that kind of money. He's absolutely right, but then we wouldn't have the fun and relaxation of fishing. I LOVE to fish and am so glad I'll be doing it again after all these years. I had given it up for a long time because our lakes had gotten so bad they weren't stocking the lakes anymore. However, we've had some good rain the past couple of years and things are better this year, so we can go fishing again. Believe me, after paying that kind of money for our licenses, we are going to be going fishing a lot! We have a local lake here in town that they stock, so we can go fishing locally all the time. It will be fun, but I have to say, I'm still in shock over the cost of those licenses!!!

We also had to stick close to home because my youngest son had a "gig" playing his mandolin with his teacher and the Old Timers Fiddle Society at the local museum for Pioneer Days. He was really scared about doing it, but once he was on stage he was fine. He had several solos and even though they ended up playing for an hour (because of the encores!), he was able to follow along and play songs he had never played before. I taped the whole thing and I can't wait to see it! My hubby didn't realize what a great player he is (he hears him play around the house, but it's different when he's up on stage and playing with other people) and he got all emotional. It was really exciting seeing my son do something he loves so much. He and his teacher have a great relationship and really have a lot of fun together. He's really grown as a musician because of this teacher. That was a concert none of us will ever forget!

I learned something on this trip! Paper plates, cups and silverware are GOOD! I'm telling you, I spent 3/4 of the trip washing dishes and doing "housework"!! I'm not going to do that again. It just wore me out! I always try to be frugal, but in this case, if I'm not having a vacation with the rest of my family, something needs to change. I'm going to load up with paper goods next time and relax more with my family!!

We had such a great time, but there was a small downer on the trip. We took my mother-in-law with us and as I've said here many times, I just love her to death. However, she has real issues with God. Today I was sitting outside in the campsite reading my bible and drinking my coffee and she came over (from her camper) and saw me.

She stood there a minute and said, "The Jehovah's Witnesses come to my house and talk to Bill (her husband) all the time."

I said, "I know. I've told Bill that they don't have the Bible right and not to get involved with them."

She said, "Well they like to talk to him."

I said, "I know. They are trying to get him to join their organization."

She said, "Well, they look at me and don't say a word. I'm an atheist, you know."

I said, "I know, but I haven't given up the hope that you will come to the Lord."

"Forget it. I never will. We are born, we live, and die and that's it. There's nothing else after that", she said.

I told her, "For your sake, you better hope you're right!"

"I am," she declared!

She then walked off toward her camper, but turned to tell me, "We are just a higher form of animal!!"

"I totally disagree!!" I told her.

She disappeared inside her camper and I didn't see her for awhile. I continued to read my bible and drink my coffee. Pretty soon, she came over again and sat down. I could see her out of the corner of my eye watching me. She then said, "The bible is just a book written by men, you know. It was written by men to keep the women under control." I could see her staring at me out of the corner of my eye, waiting for me to say something. Dear friends, I didn't say a word. I felt she was just trying to start an argument. She stared at me a long time and then when I didn't say anything, she got up and stalked off to her camper again. *sigh* She has done this before. In fact, we stopped going camping with her about seven years ago because of stuff like this. We like to get up early and go out and sit by the camp fire and read our bible. The last time we went camping with her (before this - 7 years ago!) she got so angry that my hubby was reading his bible, she said some very, very hurtful things to him and it took him a long time to get over it. It's amazing how angry it makes her. She's a lovely person in every way but this. Her heart is so hardened against the Lord, that she becomes a totally different person when she sees us loving Him! She usually doesn't "take me on" like that, so I have to say I was rather shocked, but I told my hubby, I had to defend my faith the first time, but I wasn't going to get into an argument with someone that just wants to prove to me that I'm totally crackers for believing in Jesus Christ. He agreed. I just hope she doesn't do this again as it's very uncomfortable. I have tried in vain so many times to bring her to the Lord, but I don't think it will be us to brings her to the Lord. It's so hard to have family members that don't believe The Truth! We pray for her and her hubby every day that they would accept Jesus as their Savior. I do hope it happens!

It's back to reality tomorrow. We will get back to our homeschooling, our business and the housework again. I have to say, though, it's good to be home. I love getting away, but I also love coming home again.

God bless you ~ Julie

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  1. Wow, you have it hard....continue praying for her. I have seen atheists have a change of heart. We need to pray that the lies she is living are cast out of her mind.
    I love camping, gone fishing once....the price of things thses days I wonder where we are going to end up.
    I am hoping to update my blog very soon.


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