Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Devotional

Implicit Trust

By Charles Spurgeon

For I will surely deliver thee, and thou shalt not fall by the sword, but thy life shall be for a prey unto thee: because thou hast put thy trust in me, saith the Lord. (Jeremiah 39:18)

Behold the protecting power of trust in God. The great men of Jerusalem fell by the sword, but poor Ebed-melech was secure, for his confidence was in Jehovah. Where else should a man trust but in his Maker? We are foolish when we prefer the creature to the Creator. Oh, that we could in all things live by faith, then should we be delivered in all time of danger! No one ever did trust in the Lord in vain, and no one ever shall.

The Lord saith, "I will surely deliver thee," Mark the divine "surely." Whatever else may be uncertain, God's care of believers is sure. God Himself is the guardian of the gracious, Under His sacred wing there is safety even when every danger is abroad. Can we accept this promise as sure? Then in our present emergency we shall find that it stands fast. We hope to be delivered because we have friends, or because we are prudent, or because we can see hopeful signs; but none of these things are one-half so good as God's simple "because thou hast put thy trust in me." Dear reader, try this way, and, trying it, you will keep to it all your life. It is as sweet as it is sure.

Today was a really lovely day. I didn't fall apart in front of the church, stumble, faint or any of those things I was afraid I would do when I got up to the front to speak! Actually, we were supposed to speak before the sermon, but my Pastor forgot so I had to sit through the service with my mind half on his sermon and half on the fact that I still had to get in front of everyone. It went really well, though, and I wasn't as afraid as I thought I would be once I got up there. However, I'm really glad it's over!!

After church, we took my Pastor and his wife out for lunch at a local eatery. It was really nice and relaxing. We didn't talk about any church related stuff (which I'm sure they were glad of) and just talked about our backgrounds and our families. We also shared how we came to the Lord and that was really nice, too. The guys talked sports a lot as the place we ate at has about 50 TV's everywhere! It's hard for them not to talk about sports when it being blared at them from every angle. It was really nice, though, and I'm glad we finally were able to get both of them to lunch at the same time. Usually, they are busy or we've only been able to snag the Pastor during the week.

Tonight I went out to sit outside as it's really nice and cool from the rain showers and I was sitting by the fire pit when I saw something move. Oh. My. Goodness. A HUGE black widow spider was weaving her web in my fire pit. I wasn't sure at first if it was a black widow, but then it turned upside down and there was the red hour glass on her abdomen as big as life! I yelled for my boys, who acted ridiculous and were moving the rocks she went under with their hands! I got upset about that, let me tell you! Finally, we decided to get the lighter fluid and just start a fire where we had seen her go. After many flames and much smoke, I'm happy to report that she is no longer with us. Bleah. We get a lot of those here and I'm never brave around them. I'd much rather deal with a Taranchula than a Black Widow anytime!

I'm almost done with my cross stitch project. I only have to finish up the butterfly and the border and I'm done! I'll post a picture as soon as I have it completed. I'm really happy with it and am anxious to work on another project.

I'm sure I'll sleep much better tonight since I won't be worrying about making a fool of myself in front of the church! LOL I'm going to bed now, in fact.

God bless you ~ Julie


  1. It is always the "before" a situation that is the most difficult. I think we (women) have a tendency to work things up in our minds and carry around the worst case scenario in our heads!
    I am glad it all went time won't be as big a deal.
    SO glad you got rid of the spider...ewwwww!!!!

  2. I love the name of your blog. A great thought in itself...

    CBO Guy

  3. Glad it went well, and now it's behind you!

    We're overrun with black widows, and worse, in my opinion, brown recluse spiders. You're a lot more likely to be bitten by a brown recluse and they do a lot more damage, rotting out huge holes and causing massive infection. Eww! And I've been bitten by a BR, but never a black widow.

    We don't have many tarantulas here but I don't mind them at all.

    Glad you decided to join the CBO. :o)

    Happy Friday!

    Love and hugs,



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