Monday, August 4, 2008

Camping Trip

We are back from our camping trip. We had planned to be gone for a week, but my mother-in-law got sick and we decided it was best if we return home. I hadn't felt well the day before we left, but was better that day. I think we had a bug of some kind. I've talked to her since returning home and she's much better. Since she's 84, it's more of a concern when she gets sick and we wanted to get her home where we knew she could relax and feel better.

We did have a good time while we were there. We caught 3 fish (I caught one and my son caught 2). They weren't our usual Rainbow Trout, but Crappies. I've heard they are very good eating, but we haven't cooked them yet so don't know if this is true. I do know this much - they were a pain to clean! I'm hoping after all the agony of cleaning them that they truly are delicious!

Here's a picture of my sons fishing. . .

This was the last morning we were there and we didn't catch a thing, but wanted to go fishing once more. Here's a picture of my son who caught the two fish:

He likes fishing like his Mama does. I enjoy fishing just for the fishing. The quiet thinking and enjoying the beauty around me like this:

This is a view of the lake as we were sitting there fishing and here's the gorgeous view we had from our campsiteIt was such a beautiful view. The first thing I always do when camping is hang at least one Hummingbird feeder. Oh, my. I had so many gorgeous Hummingbirds visiting the feeders. I would have liked to have gotten some pictures, but never was able to. I did get a picture of my lovely mother-in-law, my hubby and older son.

She didn't know I was taking her picture, so I was able to get one. She always fights me when I want to take her picture. Isn't she just amazing at 84 years old? She loves my little poodle, Tammy Lou, and she was looking at her and that's how I got this picture.

It was really hot there, but it did cool down at night so we were able to sleep. It was really quiet at the camp ground so that was nice, too. I would say there were only about a dozen of us in the entire camp ground. I suppose it is because it was very hot and also the week before school started here, so families were getting ready for that. I'm so glad we were able to get away and all in all, it was a wonderful trip. Hopefully, we can go again in the Fall and everyone will feel better and it will be cooler.

I am totally blessed to be the August Blogger Spotlight at Christian Bloggers Online! If you go to the CBO Blogroll here, you'll be able to read the article about me. I'm so totally humbled to be chosen and hope you'll enjoy reading my interview there. I'm so glad to be a part of the Christian Bloggers Online. It's wonderful to read other Christian's blogs and be edified and know that you're going to be blessed by reading their blogs. You can check some of them out by clicking on the different bloggers who are a part of this group on my sidebar. Thank you, again, CBO for highlighting me this month!

It's really late here and I need to get to bed. I have a big day of catching up tomorrow! You wouldn't believe how much laundry a family of four can bring back after a camping trip! It's overwhelming, actually! Have a wonderful and blessed day!

God bless you - Julie


  1. I just LOVE fishin'.
    I think I am like you...
    I really dont care if I catch anything or not... It's just so nice to sit there and soak in the great outdoors.
    Aint God Good?!?!


  2. Welcome back... it was a nice family camping trip.


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