Monday, December 8, 2008

Just my life

I've been busy doing Christmas decorating around here. It's taking me longer than usual because I've gone through ALL my boxes to decide what to keep and what to sell or donate. I have to say, I'm really tired of going through Christmas stuff and enough is enough! I'm still not completely done with the decorating, but a huge part of it is completed (pictures to be posted here soon).

I have my 7 foot green tree in the family room decorated, my 4 foot white tree in the living room decorated and my mini 18 inch pink tree in my bedroom decorated! Yep - pink. LOL It's adorable. I actually wanted a purple one, but alas, they were completely sold out. This pink one is precious and I really like it, too.

Before starting all the decorating, I completely cleaned out my homeschool area that is in my kitchen. That meant going through the book shelf and all the areas with all the books. I'm not sure this was such a good idea to do before decorating, but honestly, it's going to look SO nice, I know once I've recovered, I'm going to know it was totally worth all that extra work. Since this is my last year of homeschooling, I was able to purge a lot of the books we won't be using anymore and was able to competely clean off my buffet area that we had always used for our books and homeschooling supplies. Now my son and I each have a shelf on the bookshelf and I have a clean buffet area!

I'm a lover of old books (they don't have to be worth anything - just beautiful) and I was able to get them all displayed on the rest of the shelf, plus put my gorgeous set of learning books on top of my desk and they look so beautiful! I'm so happy with how it all looks and, of course, I love the organization and the cleanliness. It does make decorating that much easier, too.

I had shots in both knees today. *sigh* Both knees are bad because I have arthritis. My right knee is evidently bone on bone, so I have a lot of pain and swelling. My doctor gave me the shots to bring the swelling down and next month I will get the shots that will help lubricate and give my joints some relief. I'm praying that this will help me. He has informed me that a knee replacement is in my future, but at my age, not a good idea. I'm so glad that God has given doctors these options to help people like me have some relief from having a life filled with pain. The doctor is not guaranteeing that these shots will work for my knees, but I'm hopeful.

Since I have to stay off my knees today and tomorrow, I probably won't get much more decorating done until Wednesday. Of course, I may not get more done Wednesday either because tomorrow I have another shot done in my back. This time I will be using sedation drugs so I don't react so weirdly to the shot (I hope!). I'm glad my appointment is at 7:45 am so I don't have to sit around thinking about it all day. It's good to get it over with quickly in the morning.

I'll post pictures of my decorated home as soon as I can - stay tuned!

God bless you - Julie


  1. OK... where are the pics of the deco Halls?

    How is the hubby and his eye balls?

    Did he have the surgery?

    Love and thugs, Gib

  2. Hi Julie,

    I am so sorry you are having to go through so much to relieve your pain. I pray it works for you. Your house sounds lovely. Isn't it fun to decorate? I love the decorating part...I HATE the tearing down part. I try every summer to clean off my bookshelves...but it doesn't last too year I'll be like you though and we won't need as much.

    Blessings to you my dear friend. I hope today you are feeling wonderful!



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