Monday, February 23, 2009

In Misery

I am sitting here with an ice pack on my knee and my knee is about twice it's normal size. *Insert HUGE sigh here* I have arthritis and when I do too much, it just aggravates my poor knee. I went swimming yesterday and that felt so good, I decided to go into the workout room and try some of the machines. I don't think I did anything too horrible there, but I must have done something. That plus walking around too much on their cement floors. I am so tired of having my knee balloon up on me and hurt.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated! I have been either in bed or in my recliner all day. I did call my doctor and I will see him on Wednesday. He may do a dreaded shot, but honestly, if he does, I won't care because it is really hurting and swollen. It really stinks getting older!!

On a bright note, my sweet son went to WalMart and bought me a table that I can wheel up to and under my bed - you know like one of those hospital tables! Oh my. A girl could get used to sitting in bed with fluffy pillows behind her back, her computer on the table, and all her friends on Facebook! ROFL! My oh my - I do sound like a princess, don't I?

Nothing else is new. Pray hard for this little princess!! It may sound wonderful to be in bed all day, but not if your knee looks like it belongs on an elephant!!

God bless you - Julie


  1. I am so sorry about your knee. I will certainly pray for you. I always think it would be wonderful to stay in bed all day with a good book, but I would not want to HAVE to do it!

  2. Poor you! I would not want to have to stay in bed, although sometimes the thought sounds nice. : )
    Praying for you.


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