Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's a girl thing

It's been so long since I've posted an update on my life! Oh, where to begin? Nothing amazing or unusual happened, just the every day dealings of life that happens.

One thing that happened this week is that my son turned 20 years old! How is this possible? It seems like just yesterday that I brought that tiny, little baby home and just look at him with awe. He was my first-born and I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of this little person. It's been a wonderful 20 years, however, and I have been totally blessed along the way. He has turned out to be a wonderful man and I know that the Lord will have great things in store for him in his life.

Amazingly, my other son will be turning 18 tomorrow! Again, I wonder where all the years have gone? How did my baby go from being just that - my baby - to this wonderful and amazing young man? I'm overwhelmed with joy that the Lord has given me these fantastic boys to share their lives with me. Truly, truly it has been a blessing to my life!!

I will have pictures to share with you all next week. It ended up that we gave them both the same gift and they were so excited about the whole thing. You'll see what they got in the pictures. *wink*

I started physical therapy for my knee this past week. Wow! They are really working this old gal and I'm definitely feeling it! It's good, though. You know that good feeling when you're muscles have been worked yet not painful. I'm very thankful for the opportunity to get my knees stronger!

I've also been swimming! It's been wonderful to be active again. I have been getting up early every day and going to swim. I have to say, though, there's something very disturbing about a bunch of nude ladies running around in the locker room. I mean, I just want to scream out, "Get some clothes on, please!" It's especially disturbing at 6:00 in the morning - bc - before coffee. It shocks the system to see 60 and 70 something women just strolling around in their birthday suits. I'm learning to avert my eyes quickly, though, and I just look at the floor a lot!

I really haven't done any sewing/quilting/crocheting/or cross stitch, to speak of. My poor soul is longing to pick up a needle of some kind kind. I need to make the time for myself to do these things I love. I'm also just dying to get back to my art work and paint or draw again. Hopefully, things will slow down enough that I can do that this week.

I'm still trying to get things organized after being sick for so long. I've gotten my laundry caught up, but I need to start doing the deep spring cleaning. I also want to paint the kitchen and my bedroom. Those rooms need some freshening and there's nothing better or cheaper than paint. The dust bunnies need to be thrown out of the house and everything just needs a good cleaning. It's funny how the spring and fall bring this out in me - is it a girl thing or just a learned thing? I personally think it's a bit of both.

Have a wonderful and blessed Lord's day tomorrow!

God bless you - Julie


  1. Hi Julie,

    I love you, I love your blog. You always make me giggle when I read your posts! Your blog looks beautiful...I love your romantic music too...I love that kind of music. Okay, your talking about the naked ladies cracks me up. When I used to swim at the Y...before they closed it...I always found the same thing...I have never understood that and it troubles me so...LOL. There was a woman there that used to stand completely nude...putting baby oil all over herself and then using a brush on her skin...of course, she always wanted to start a deep conversation with, who would cloth myself in the shower stall as much as possible despite what the sign said. I took Brittany Tuesdays back then where she would swim laps...luckily, when she went she was the only one in the ladies locker room.

    Thanks for the laugh, have a blessed day. I can't wait to see pictures of your strapping young men and their birthday presents.


  2. Those 60 year olds would have been the hippies of the 60's....nude was the way of life...tee hee.

    Happy birthday to your boys. I know...Kyle turned 23 yesterday. Make a girl feel old. My oldest is going bald....hows that for feeling old!!!

    I am glad you are getting some therapy on your knee. The swimming will be good for you too. I am back on my treadmill on Monday. Sweetheart set it up in the man room for me...nice of him to share.

  3. Oh my, Julie, you had me in tears I was laughing so hard! Thanks for the visual! I don't drink coffee but I am glad I read this after brunch.hehe.
    Happy birthday to you boys.
    I did grow up in Pueblo btw.


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