Thursday, June 18, 2009

Total and Utter Exhaustion

Oh, dear friends, I can't tell you how exhausted I am - physically and mentally. Just ready to drop. I asked my hubby this morning, "Is it possible to die from being so tired?". I know this sounds dramatic, but it's exactly how I am feeling. What's happening, you ask, that I'm feeling this way? Let me enlighten you.

First we had my son's high school graduation that I was in charge of. I had done this before so I thought it would be a cake walk. Not so. I had a low budget, no supplies from years past, and a couple of parents who made it their mission to make my life very difficult. However, we got through this and the Graduation was absolutely gorgeous (pictures soon, I promise!). During all this, my step father-in-law was put into the VA nursing home and we found ourselves taking care of my mother-in-law who is 84 years old. So, the decision has been made to move her here to our home as soon as possible. This requires us to pack up her home and get things moved here. This is a woman who is a collector. A dish collector, to be exact. I have packed dishes, dishes and more dishes and, believe it or not, there are still some dishes left to pack! We don't want her to have to make the hard choice of what to keep or get rid of right now. She has enough emotional stress right now and her life is not what it was a month ago. We are letting her deal with all that first and maybe in the Fall, she will feel more capable of going through all these dishes and making decisions. I know how stressed out I am and it wasn't my husband who was put into a nursing home and it's not me who is having to leave my home. I am trying to make this as easy on her as possible, but it's making it harder on me because I'm bearing the stress of it all right now. However, this too shall pass and soon we can all take a break and rest (I hope!).

In the middle of all this, we moved the shed that she had in her backyard to our yard. She wanted me to take it and make an art studio out of it for myself! Oh, my! This is really a dream come true! The moving of the shed was really quite easy - I thought this would be the difficult part - but the hard part has been in the electrical wiring of it. We asked a friend of ours to do the wiring but he was trying to be nice and help out a guy from his church that is out of work and needs money and suggested we use this man. HUGE mistake! This man is so crooked that our bill ended up being 3 times what it should have been. He padded the bill so much, it's laughable that he even thought we would fall for it! He charged us for wire he didn't use and then charged us for two outlets that were all ready in the building! He also charged us over $100.00 more to rent the trench digger than it actually cost to rent from Home Depot! To top this off, he charged us for 25 hours of labor when he actually worked about 10 hours. He tore up the insulation in the building when he said he wouldn't, and the zinger of all zingers, the wiring doesn't even work! There is a short somewhere because when we plug something in to use it, it trips the breaker - so it doesn't even work!! Yes, he had a straight face when he handed us this bill - and he actually thought we would pay it! So now, we have this new problem to deal with. Our friend, who recommended him, is feeling horrible about this but it's not his fault. I do have to say, though, I am actually afraid of this man who did the electrical work. I'm usually not afraid of people, but I am of this man. I didn't feel good about him when I met him (never a good sign) but now I'm just downright afraid! Until this is resolved, I will be looking over my shoulder and sleeping with one eye open, believe me.

I'm hoping we will have the house completely packed up tomorrow. That will be such a relief. I will have a mess to deal with in my own home, but that's something easier for me to handle. I can take a break when I need to rest my back and knees and I won't feel the pressure to get it all done quickly. I can take my time. I've tried to stay seated as much as possible while packing things because of my knees and back, but it's not always possible, nor is it always the most comfortable position. I'm having to take pain meds more often right now just to get through the days and nights.

I feel like I've done nothing but complain in this post. I hope it hasn't come off that way. I just wanted to let you know where I've been and what's happening. Soon, I will have happier things to report and will also have lots and lots of pictures to share of the Graduation and other things.

Just keep me in your prayers! So much is happening, I feel the need to hide under the wings of the Lord and allow Him to shelter me and give me strength. He has done that and more! I'm so glad I have the Lord, Jesus, to run to. Honestly, I couldn't do all this without Him - and I don't have to! Praise God!

God bless you - Julie


  1. Stressful week indeed. I have gone through all this with aged parents before, and I know just what you're going through.

    And an art studio?!!! How lucky can one be. I dabble in painting myself, and love to do crafty. That shed sounds like a bit of heaven to me.

    I found your link from Kelli's blog and wanted to stop by and say "hi".

    If you'd like....
    The direct link to my show n tell is HERE It's all patriotic this time. Come by and join me if you can find time today. I'd love your company.

  2. Oh Julie...what can I even say? I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this. All that is coming to me is "this too, shall pass."
    I look forward to the pics but in the mean time I will pray for you...may you rise up with wings as Eagles...may you run and not grow weary and faint!

  3. Good grief girl! When it rains it pours! So sorry all this has piled in on you at once. I do well with one or two crises at once, but more than that and I tend to become overwhelmed. Sounds like you're feeling a bit overwhelmed yourself right now.

    I was thinking Isaiah 40:31 too but Bren beat me to it. :o)

    Thanks for your prayers for me and Lamar, and it's my privilege to pray for you as well, my friend.

    Love and hugs,


  4. Oh have had a lot of on your plate! I am sending (((hugs))) and prayers.


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