Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Life is a Vapor

Every year since my children were tiny, tiny, we've always taken them to the county fair. The past few years, they have looked forward to getting the all-day-pass to ride the rides as much as they want. This year was no exception. They got there when it opened and they left at closing. My oldest got his fact painted (for free) with all sorts of musical motifs. He is an exceptional clarinet player (and guitar player) and he writes songs and is just so gifted. This was the perfect choice.

My youngest son was so happy riding the bumper cars, he never wanted to bother with getting his face painted. My oldest told me they were calling him the vulture on the bumper cars because he would circle and wait and come up behind people and bump them. lol Sounds like him! He's really competitive about everything he does. :)

Here's my oldest sons friend. He also got his face painted - he chose the Star of David because that's what he has been studying at church. He and my son both look sunburned and exhausted. This was probably the last time my son's friend will be able to do this. He has joined the Marines and is now at boot camp.

He and my son have been friends since 2nd grade. He and my son played a duet (on trumpet and clarinet) at my son's high school graduation and were in the band at college. My son saw him through a break-up with his fiance and they were prayer warriors for each other. They still are.

Here's the last picture of my son with his friend a couple of days before he left for boot camp. We had a going away party for him and prayed over him. We are so proud of him and thankful to him for his service to our country. He has written a couple of times and it sounds like he's doing well. We've been so happy to hear from him and we sent him off with a phone card and can't wait until he's allowed to call home.

He's like another son to me and we all miss him terribly. He has such a good heart and is so kind. We are praying for him every day and can't wait to see him again.

These young men were just boys yesterday. Time passes so quickly. I can't believe that my son's are grown and that I'm not homeschooling them anymore. It's hard to believe that this other young man is in the Marines! Life really is just a vapor. Treasure your family and follow the Lord with all your heart. In the end, it's what really matters!

God bless you - Julie

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