Saturday, October 3, 2009

The little shed - part two

Remember this? Here's the inside of that little shed I was talking about. Not much to look at, but a lot of potential!

Here's where we left off. The little shed all sheet-rocked by my wonderful son.

Now take a look at this!! Isn't it gorgeous? My two sons painted the shed my favorite color (purple) and put the light up on the ceiling.

The walls are a pale lavender color (it looks a lot darker in the picture than it really is) and the floor is a dark purple. These are actually some Disney colors by Behr. My sister's room was painted this beautiful lavender when she was young and I have never forgotten that gorgeous color. It was calming and makes me think of some of the best years of my childhood - when my sister was still home before marrying.

Take a look at this!! It's my "Hobbit door". I wanted a really pretty doorknob on the door and was going to put it where the handle had been on the door - to the left. However, my oldest son thought I should put it in the middle like a hobbit door. Fit's me perfectly - I'm about the size of a hobbit. LOL Isn't that just too cute? The door is painted the same dark purple as the floor.

Here's the view from my little building. Can you see the hummingbird at the feeder? Isn't that awesome? Look at the view of those mountains!!

Very inspiring and wonderful since this building that I've longed and dreamed about for years is going to be. . .


God bless you - Julie


  1. I KNEW it!! Didn't I say so??? And why would I think that? Cause it is my own dream to have a studio JUST like that one!! I am SO happy for you. Now you need to put some beautiful quilts on those walls....hmmm maybe I can help a bit ;)

  2. It's just glorious Julie. I love that knob for the door..oh my goodness gracious, fit for a princess of a King! Your own you have pics of it filled up????lol


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