Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A look to the past

This is a blast from the past - 1968 to be exact. I'm the little squirt in the front with the striped dress and hat. This is in the days when being dressed up really meant something. My leotards (that's what we called them in my day instead of tights) were lacy and white and I had on black, patent leather shoes. I also had a little draw-string purse that matched that dress and hat. I had white gloves, too, because no woman or girl who had any class would be seen out without gloves. I had so many pairs of gloves in different colors to go with different outfits.

Notice my sister on the right - now that's stylish! Purse, gloves, belt, hat and shoes all matched! Grey and yellow were very popular during that time - as well as grey and pink.

My Mother looks quite stylish and fancy, too, in her black and white outfit and white gloves. See those glasses? They were bright red! I remember how much she loved those glasses. She also had "cat-eye" sunglasses that were white with rhinestones. They were very cool.

My Dad is in his probably one and only suit. He was not the dress-up kind of guy. He worked hard and only dressed up when he absolutely had to. Did you see that skinny tie?

I'm not sure, but I think we were in Cheyenne for a wedding. I do know that we are in my Grandmother's house standing in front of her piano. That was the place to take pictures. I have many pictures of my family standing in the same spot over the years. Funny how we do that. I do the same thing now in my own home. We have "the spot" to take pictures! lol

I think what made me think want to take a look back is because of all the changes I'm seeing in our society. All the little niceties are far and few between. You don't see women wearing gloves and hats anymore, or matching purses and shoes, much. This is not a huge deal - in fact - I'm so glad we don't have to always wear a dress to church or dress up to go to the grocery store. I think what bothers me is the lack of respect, morals, and common decency that is so prevalent in our society. I see people on tv talking like guttersnipes (as my Grandmother would say, meaning a person of the lowest moral station) and I see commercials for things that are best left to the bedroom between married couples.

I may or may not be thanked for holding open a door for someone and I may or may not get the door slammed shut when I'm about to walk through behind a person. It depends a lot on the age of the person; older people tend to be more polite as they were raised to be.

It used to be that you were considered very immoral and not of good social or moral standing if you didn't worship at your church of choice on Sunday. I can remember a time when you were looked at sideways if you said you weren't a Christian or Jewish. It was expected that you were a believer in the one, true God or you were just not in the norm.

People knew that the communists and socialist weren't right. We knew that America was the greatest nation on earth and we were thankful we were born here. We stood and put our hand over our heart when we saluted the flag. We were patriotic and cared about our country - we weren't ashamed of it. We knew we were blessed and were so thankful. We treated our troops with the honor they deserved for risking their lives for our country.

Will we ever be able to go back to how it was or has too much been accepted in our society? I don't know but I have hope. I do know that without the Lord blessing our country we have no hope at all. Our young people don't understand what our country was founded on - the principles of the Bible - and they think there should be a separation of church and state. They don't understand that this isn't even in the Constitution. It's been used so much that it's just an accepted thing now by most people.

I'm praying for our country and our world. I hope you'll join me.

God bless you - Julie


  1. I think the same thoughts are on a lot of peoples minds. I really worry about the world my children will be adults in. I wish sometimes we could go back in time, to a time when a lady knew the importance of being a lady and manners were held in high esteem. People knew their values and stood strong for them. But, I also know that God still sits on the throne.He has not forgotten us as individuals, even though as a nation we will experience His judgement. Or, are we already experiencing it?

  2. Amen. I agree with you. It comes down to, no respect, and your right, no manners for most young people while they were growing up. Moms and dads did not teach them to respect their elders, and that men should open the door for a lady,and let her go first. I think one of the problems today is, TV is raising up the young, not the moms and dads. We as Christians have allowed so much to come against us, till satan has really got a strong hold on the great USA. We have been pushed aside for so long till, no one seems to care. We don't allow God in anything, anymore, as a country I saying. God has not taken his hand off of us yet, but its coming. May God bless you.

  3. Amen to that!


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