Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Book Review - The Power of Respect

The Power of Respect, Benefit from the Most Forgoten Element of Success by Deborah Norville
Publisher - Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 0785227601


Best-selling author and journalist, Deborah Norville, researches the importance of respect in our daily lives and in society as a whole.

Respect, a lost vallye in our world today, is the latest subject of research of Inside Edition anchor and best selling author, Deborah Norville. citing scientific studies and using stories based on personal interviews, Norvile reveals the importance and benefits of respect in many areas of our lives:

*Personally and with others
*Marriage and parenting
*Classrooms and education
*Business and leadership

Readers are reminded that how we look at ourselves and other determines our level of respect. And respect, when given, unleashes the power of goodwill that boomerangs back to the giver in the form of loyalty, trust, and mutual respect. The others-focused approach causes recipients to operate at higher levels of performance, increase productivity, improve relationships, and increase their overall effectiveness.


I was exciting to read this book because I had seen Deborah Norville talking about this on several programs and I knew that I agreed with her presepctive of what is lacking in our socity as a whole. What I really liked about the book are the personal stories in the book. There are many, many heart-warming stores about how respect of others made such a difference in people's lives. I had tears in my eyes more than once after reading one of these stores. Of course, there are also those stores where respect was lacking and how it affected someone.

What I didn't enjoy about hte book was the endless statistics about respect. I think it was important to understand about this, but it got a little old about half-way through the book. I think a little less of the statistics (because I all know how important respect is) would have made the book a more enjoyable read.

That said, I still highly recommend this book. I learned a lot about relationships not only with those in the business world, but with my husband and children, too. I think sometimes we forget that respect is important in ALL areas of our life, especially in our home. Sometimes, we don't give our family the respect we should (we take them for granted) and I like how Ms. Norville addresses this issue and clear cut ways to make things better.

I have a link on my Amazon widget on the sidebar where you can go and order the book. I think you'll enjoy this book, I did. (This book was provided to me for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers)

God bless you - Julie

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