Sunday, December 27, 2009

Milk Toast

I had questions about my post about milk toast. Milk toast is something that my Grandmother and Mother would give me when I wasn't feeling well. I think it's a rather old fashioned thing but something that has stuck with me - especially when I'm not feeling well.
Milk toast is toast dunked in hot milk. First I heat my milk in a sauce pan until it's hot. I stir my milk quite frequently because I don't want it to burn and also I don't like the film that can form on the top of the milk if you don't stir. While the milk is heating, I toast my white bread. Now, this must be white bread. I can't imagine eating Milk Toast with any other type of bread. After the toast is golden brown, I put it in the sauce pan, quickly flip it so both sides are saturated and put on a plate. Then I butter it - with real butter - margarine just won't do. :) If there's milk left (not much, mind you) I will pour that over the toast and make sure my toast is really saturated with the milk. This is total comfort food that is easy to digest and makes this girl feel better. Isn't it funny how the things that comforted us in our childhood, comfort us now?
Another thing that I eat, because my Grandmother and Mother always did, too, is popcorn in milk. We would eat this for dinner quite often for a yummy but light meal. We would get a bowl or mug of cold milk and then put the popcorn in the milk and eat with a spoon. I don't know anyone else who does this. When I mention to people, they just look at me like I've got two heads and think I'm nuts. Most think it sounds disgusting, but I say, if you haven't tried it, don't knock it!
Funny thing is, neither of my children eat either one of these things. They both turned their noses up and wouldn't even try them, so I guess the legacy ends with me. Rather sad in a way to let the food stuffs of the family just die away. Honestly, it makes me feel connected somehow to eat the things my Grandmother would give me that other people don't seem to eat. Yes, I still make her Cinnamon Rolls and other things like that, but it's not the same.
One thing my Grandmother used to give me as a treat was white bread, spread with butter and sprinkled with sugar. Oh, I thought this was a treat beyond all treats as a child. She had been given it as a treat as a child and loved it, gave it to her own children and then gave it to me.
Now, I wouldn't even be able to gag that down. Funny how things we think are wonderful as a child, don't sound so great now.
Has anyone ever had these things? What things were you given that comforted you as a child and they comfort you now? Let's stroll down memory lane . . . .
God bless you - Julie


  1. My grandma used to put just plain white bread in milk with a dab of sugar when her tummy was upset!! I have not thought of that in years. My old pastor (still a dear friend) eats popcorn with milk, too.

  2. Wonderful memories----I too have had warm "Milk Toast" for an unsettled stomach or yummy brown sugar and cinnamon toast . Both of theses things are pure comfort foods.

  3. Milk toast, I can understand....popcorn in milk??? Um, not so much (looking at you like you have 2 heads!)
    My grandma always made me special pancakes...they looked like butterflies, snowmen, houses, etc. and she would decorate them with candies, and otther little eatables. She also had a special syrup that was wonderful!!! I did not realize until years later it was white Kayro syrup (clear corn syrup)!!
    She also made "Snow Ice Cream" She would get snow in a big roaster and add ingredients and make ice cream out of it. It never tasted like ice cream to me, but it was good! I have no idea what she put in it...vanilla I know, but the rest is a mystery.

  4. Hi Julie
    I've never had the milk toast or popcorn in milk,I do remember Mom making the best sugar bread(they're called sugar cookies now) and stickies umm,umm they were so good and "cush".The "cush" was made from day old bread with butter and sugar in her favorite black frying pan,it was also good but I have not been able to do the "cush" but the stickies and sugar bread I can make.I have so many fond memories of my Mom,thanks for the walk down memory lane and do have a wonderful day and a blessed "New Year".

  5. I have got to say that tho' I've heard of it, like your boys, it doesn't sound very appetizing to me! Now, if it were my dad or his mom they'd eat that right up! Now the popcorn thing, never heard of that one.
    Let's see, my mom would let us have hot liquid jello when we were sick. We'd get sugar on our cottage cheese, and now that grosses me out!
    The memories is what makes those things just taste good, doesn't it!
    Happy 2010 to ya!

  6. My friend you did bring me back to memory lane indeed :)
    We didn't have popcorn or toast, mom would usually make a wonderfully sweet Lemongrass tea and break hard salty crackers in it. I loved and still do. Lemon grass was mom's antibiotic for everything. In fact we liked it so much we had even when we weren't feeling so well.

    Now, you got me thinking of a post????? I might have to do one and link back to this one, do you mind?
    Happy New year,

  7. My grandma used to make us silver dollar pancakes. She would butter them and sprinkle them with sugar while they were still on the griddle. She would make us as many as we wanted. Oh...those were heavenly!!

    I think popcorn in milk sounds good. I think I need to try it soon.

  8. Happy New Year Julie to you and yours. May God bless you all with good health and happiness.

    Take care my dear friend,


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