Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cody playing Mississippi Sawyer on Mandolin

Here's a video of my son, Cody, playing his mandolin during a special Christmas event our town puts on. They have different musical performers in the different stores downtown around the courthouse square. Cody was playing in a shoe store, as you'll see.

I hope you enjoy the video!!

God bless you - Julie


  1. He did a good job, and I enjoyed it very much.My wife has always wanted to play one herself, but just never did. God bless

  2. Wow, Julie, I really enjoyed both of the videos. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

    I love, love, love that had me tapping right along. Love the cowboy hat too :)

    I found myself applauding at the end.

    Blessings dear friend!

  3. I love it when you visit me...I am so glad things are starting to settle. You need to just relax and enjoy this restful period. I know how hard it is for you with so many changes. Take the time to have your loving family around you and just do something that you enjoy. I know you are very talented. :)

    God bless you Julie!

  4. Merry, Merry Christmas Julie to you and your family!



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