Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Book Reviews - "Beneath a Summer Sky" & "Deep Harbor"

Beneath a Southern Sky
By Deborah Raney
ISBN 978-0-307-45876-6


Daria Camfield is expecting her first child when her husband, Nate, is reported dead on the mission field. Devastated, she returns to the States and soon married again. Two years later, Nate is found alive in the jungle. How can Daria possibly chose between the two men who love her?


I enjoyed this book, although, it still haunts me a bit. It was a very sad story all the way around and I think that's the part that haunts me. However, that said, I would recommend reading this. The story pulled me in and made me want to keep picking up the book to see what happens next. You're never sure what's going to happen next and that's what makes you want to keep reading. The biggest thing I took away from this book is to always seek God's wisdom and not to rely on my own understanding of things. I think that's a clear message from this book.

I highly recommend this book. It's a great read for these winter days when you're inside snuggled inside and want to curl up with a good book.

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Deep Harbor
By Lisa Tawn Bergren
ISBN 978-0-307-45874-2


Tora, Elsa, Kaatje, and karl face trouble, tragedy, and treachery across the West, Hawaii, Japan, and the high seas. These four immigrants from Bergen, Norway, each grow closer to God and learn afresh the value of faith, family, and coming alongside each other in times of need.


I don't normally like historial novels, however, this was an exception. I enjoyed the story and feel like I really know the characters of this book. This is actually book 2 in the "Northern Light Series" but it stands alone quite well. I think I would have enjoyed reading the first book before this one, just because it would have helped me to know even more about the characters and their backgrounds. However, I had no problem getting into this book or understanding what was going on at all.

I would recommend reading this book - whether you're a historical novel fan or not. It was very uplifting and it was so neat to see the characters grow in their walk with the Lord.

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These books were provided to me for review by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing

God bless you - Julie

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  1. Both of these books look really good. I think I'll add them to my reading lists...thanks so much.

    How are you feeling this week? I hope all is well...we are awaiting another snow storm...YIKES!

    Joyce Marie


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