Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book Review - Start Somewhere

Start Somehwere
By Calvin Nowell


How do you go about losing 215 pounds? The same way you gain it - one step at a time. In "Start Somewhere", Christian singer/songwriter Calvin Nowell shares the story of his astonishing weight -loss journey, his search for a truly healthy lifestyle, and his faith that made it all possible. Not your usual "quick-fix" diet book, "Start Somewhere" offers a path to lasting, transformational change - starting from the inside out - to everyone who feels trapped by unhealthy behaviors or circumstances.


I LOVED this book!!! This book addressed so many of the issues that I, myself, face. Calvin talked openly about his eating issues and how they affected his life. It was such a good book from the perspective that he didn't try to "sugar coat" any of the issues he faced.

He goes into Biblical truths that helped him to face this challenge and how he was able to over-come his eating disorder. He doesn't just give us a diet, he gives us a life-changing way of thinking.

I've always known that my strange relationship with food was a mental issue. Calvin addresses those issues and gives us the keys to changing how we view food from a Biblical standpoint.

I was inspired and greatly changed by this book. I will be keeping this book handy so I can refer to it time and again. I think for any of you that have an over-eating issue, you'll be inspired and motivated by this book, too!

This book was provided for me for review by Tyndale House Publishing

God bless you - Julie

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