Thursday, September 9, 2010

A doctor without compassion

I had a horrible experience at the Gastroenterologist today.  It was my first appointment with a new Gastro doctor as my old one (who was wonderful) closed down his practice.  I had been referred by my primary doctor, who hasn't been in this area long, and didn't really know who to send me to.

Let me preface this by saying that my primary doctor is so wonderful, so kind, and so understanding.  He is what a doctor should be - helping you to get better without making you feel horrible about yourself.

Anyway, I go to this doctor and right off the bat I was talked to like I had no brain in my head.  He was short with me and just had this horrible tone of voice.  Then he went for the jugular: "You are obese."  Really?  I had no idea!!!  He went on further to say that he couldn't help me (I guess because I'm fat) and that there was no point in doing a colonoscopy either.  Okay - that's just not right.  My primary said that he absolutely should do a colonoscopy because of the pain I've been experiencing for months with the diverticulitis (and hopefully there is nothing more going on, he also said).  He went on further to tell me that no surgeon would operate on me because I am obese.  So I asked him, "What type of surgeon would do this type of operation?" (I'm thinking he's going to say himself).  He tells me, "A general surgeon."  I said, "You mean, like Dr. I----?"  He says, "Yes, but he only does breast surgeries."  I say, "Hmmm.  Interesting.  He took out my thyroid when I had cancer and also took out my gallbladder - and futher more - I weighed more than I do now when he did the gallbladder!"  He just sat there.  He then proceeded to tell me, again, there was nothing he could do for me.  I said, "Would you refer me to Dr. I----?"  Yeah, he could. 

Now I ask you. . . . what kind of doctor is this?  I'll tell you.  This is the kind of doctor that is going to be feared by someone like me when Obamacare comes into affect.  I said to my family, if he could have checked a box that said, "No use to society - OBESE", he would have.  I would have gotten no medical care at all.  In fact, isn't that what happened?  He refused to help me in any way other than referring me to someone else so he wouldn't have to deal with an obese person. 

Yes, I called my primary doctor up - in tears - to report what had happened.  He was appalled.  He said we would find someone else that would help me and he would send me to anyone I asked him to send me to.  Now I just have to find someone.  I'm telling you - I'm going to be very scared to go to another Gastro doctor after this experience.  I'm also telling you that I totally miss my old Gastro doctor who was so kind and such a genius when it came to medical care. 

Yes, I know I'm fat.  Duh.  Do I like being fat?  No.  I try so hard to lose the weight.  My doctor has made it clear to me that with my thyroid gone and with the kind of metabolism I have, I'll never be skinny.  I just have to try hard (which I do), exercise (which I do) and just take care of myself as best as I can.  I try, but with doctors like this one today, it's hard.  I'm still in tears.  Does this doctor think because I am fat that I have no feelings or that the fat somehow insulates me from feeling anything?  I'd like to tell him, that people with problems, whether its an over-weight person or anyone society deems as not "normal"  has more tender feelings than most because we feel things even more profoundly.  We have compassion for others because we get hurt so deeply by the careless words and actions of others.

God forgive him.

God bless you - Julie


  1. Oh Julie!!! ((((hugs)))) So sad. I have no words. I wonder how proud his mother is of him???

  2. I am so sorry. I've run into a few drs like that over other things. so hurtful.

  3. Dr.s like that should not be allowed to practice! You already feel bad physically, and then you have to deal with them. I am so sorry that happened to you! Bless your heart! We should make it a matter of prayer that the Lord begin preparing the right doctor for you to go to, and we know He will.


  4. You need to call the Board of Medical Examiners and file a complaint! I would also post his name on Facebook, your blog and anywhere elses you could think of! He gives medical doctors of all specialties a bad name! I had a neurologist like that once! Thought he was God! I pray we never have to deal with doctors like that as the norm!

  5. There is no excuse for that kind of unprofessional behavior and I'm sorry you were hurt because of it. My prayer is that you will be able to offer forgiveness and release the burden of hurt feelings. You are beautiful and loved by Christ, and many good friends.

  6. You don't know me...I don't know you for that matter...but I've been following your blog and wanted you to know that you are not alone. I've not had a doctor to treat me this way, but I've always felt things profoundly and tend to be hurt easily and I hurt easily for OTHERS! There's a lady in my church that I cannot get out of my mind today, because she has taken it upon herself to patrol...yes, literally, patrol the balcony for children who are not up to her standards of behavior (my own 13-year-old twins were up there 2 weeks ago giggling). One time, several years ago, she embarassed one of my daughters, which made her cry, and she had the nerve to tell her that she could not come back to her class if she was going to cry! She has NO idea the hurt she has caused people...or either doesnt care. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! We are all biting our tongues, trying to be better than the people that are treating us so poorly. I commend you for your courage.

  7. Hi Julie
    I am so sorry for what that monster put you through how very rude of him!!! I hope you will feel much better really soon and I sure hope the next Gastro Doctor is kind and treats you with the respect you deserve.
    Love you much

  8. Hey Julie,

    So sorry...I am going to email you.

    Love you!


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