Saturday, February 12, 2011


Did you wonder where I've been?  No where...just haven't felt much like blogging the last couple of weeks.  I don't have a lot of new things to share and I hate to keep sharing how much pain I'm in, so I decided to just take a break. I still don't have a lot of news to share, but I wanted to at least check in. 

I received a very nice package from my parents the other day for Valentines Day.  It included a ceramic heart box that they filled with Sees Candy.  Oh, my.  I just love Sees Candy!! I haven't had it for years since we don't have a store here.  My parents picked out the kind of candy that I like - nuts and caramels.  They also sent four suckers - chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla.  My favorite is the butterscotch, but the others were very good, too.  Then there was a necklace and earring set that are so cute!  Finally, there was a cute valentine pen that lights up when you write with it.  It was a nice surprise and totally cheered me up. 

I had a doctors appointment the other day and afterward decided to head to Hobby Lobby to pick up my Valentine cards for my hubby and sons.  I wasn't there long, but by the time I got home, I was just exhausted and in severe pain again;  a reminder that this is going to take more time before I'm well enough to get back to life as I knew it. 

My oldest son is sick again with the flu.  This is the 3rd time he's had it since before Christmas. He started with the sniffles and coughing on Thursday after coming home from class.  Yesterday, he was really sick and my youngest son went and got medicine, Vitamin C, orange juice, and soup for him. My hubby couldn't go because he as a touch of a stomach bug which he shared with me.  :(  I'm so thankful that my youngest son was able to go to the store! My oldest woke me up in the night and said he felt really bad and was feeling weird.  Now, I knew that he must be really sick as he is 21 years old and doesn't wake his mommy up in the night like he did when he was little.  I told him it was probably the meds he was on and the fever.  He felt assured and went back to bed.  I'm hoping he's better this morning.  I imagine he will sleep late as he is on the "night stuff".  I think he's been under a lot of stress with his classes and then the stress at home of me being hurt and, of course, his grandmother that lives here.  I'm praying that this will be the last bout of sickness he gets!

I've crocheted a little in the past couple of weeks, but mainly, I've been reading or playing my online game.  I suppose I'm a bit down as I'm tired of being so house-bound and unable to do the things I want to do.  However, I know that I know, that God is in control of this situation and He will heal me in His timing.  I am taking this time to get more into His Word and that's always time well spent.  The one thing I know - God is good and He is with me through all my troubles and is my comforter.  I am abiding in Him and praying that I will be able to bear fruit that will be pleasing to Him.  He is growing me the way He wants me to grow and I have to be patient during this growing process.  Abiding to me means resting and living and breathing all that He is and absorbing Him into every part of my being.  It takes patience to grow but I'm praying my fruit will be juicy and succulent for others to enjoy.  What is better than sharing the fruits that the Lord is growing? I look to that day when I will be ripe enough for the Lord to use. 

God bless you - Julie


  1. You are such a blessing dear Julie, I know that this time is so frustrating to you but I see your growth and your patience and know that the Lord will bless you. May you find comfort in His word and I sure hope your son feels better soon. WE have had many winter's like that. This year...I have just stayed in as much as possible and tried to stay away from sick people.

    God bless you dear friend, you as always are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I am praying for you, Julie!

  3. I am sorry you've been through such a rough patch. Having the flu on top of it is even worse. Glad you checked in. Keep the faith. The enemy loves it when we are discouraged. (((hugs))) Jenn

  4. I've been wondering about you, but I haven't stopped praying. I'm happy that you checked in. Please continue to blog, even if you feel you have nothing to say. I always read your entries.

  5. Hi Julie!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a precious comment on my cbox. I'm in a season in my life where I felt convicted to turn off my comments for a while. I was feeling SOOOO guilty when I couldn't visit everyone & leave a comment and was carrying this heavy burden that I couldn't bear to carry anymore. I wrote a post can find the link to at the top of my blog on the tab called "Why no comments?" and it shares my heart about this very difficult decision.

    I am continuing to pray for your pain. ~Tamara

  6. (((Julie))) You have a very precious heart and I'm so touched by your loving words.


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