Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Far Side of the Sea

Sometimes I feel like I'm on the far side of the sea. I woke up this morning in so much pain. Pain is my constant companion - pain covers me like a shroud - pain controls my thoughts and directs my day. Pain....pain.... pain......

Even on that far side of the sea - that sea of pain - the Lord is with me. The Lord will guide me.  That's what my prayers are right now. I know the Lord has a plan for me, that this pain is part of that plan. I just need to know what that plan is.  I have to have the patience to come out the other side of this and see how God's hand was at work the whole time. God give me the strength and patience to go through this sea of pain.

I'm asking for your prayers, dear readers and friends. Pray that I would have the endurance I need, pray that my heart would be soft so the Lord can mold me to His pleasure, pray for healing of my mind, Spirit, and body.  My life and heart are in His hands and I yield to Him...even through this sea of pain.

God bless you - Julie


  1. Julie,
    I am praying for you. I feel so bad that blog fiends cannot come and surround you with God's love and care. We would bring food and spend time doing the things in your home that you need to have done. Please know that I really care and want you to heal and get well/like a miracle/overnight. Bless you.

  2. Thank you, Rita! Knowing I have prayers going up before the throne of God means so much! It really is a healing balm. :)

    I wish I could give my internet friends a big hug irl. So many of you have blessed me beyond measure with your kind words and prayers. Know that you are loved by the Lord and by me.

    God bless you, Rita, and thank you so much for your sweet words and prayers.



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