Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 This morning I went through some boxes my husband had brought in from our storage that had gotten damp.  Unfortunately, these boxes held wonderful momentoes of my children's babyhood, youth, and other things that I wish had never even been in the storage shed.  I'm not sure what I was thinking putting them out there, other than I thought it was air tight and safe.  I found some wonderful things that I was able to save and it took me down memory lane.  My boys baptism candles and records.  Pictures of my baby at about 2 years old pointing to a pasture full of horses.  My high school diploma!! I also found an album of photos that I put together of me during my first pregnancy and then pictures of my son and I after his birth.  Honestly, I don't even remember ever putting that together.  I also wonder how I possibly found time to do that as I was working full time at our business at the time and worked up until I went into labor! Trust me when I tell you how wonderful that treasure is!

Unfortunately, I also found pictures that had stuck together in a huge stack.  At first I thought I would have to pitch them, but then decided to look up on the internet about how to get them apart. Several sites recommended freezing them and then taking them apart. If that doesn't work, there are other things that were recommended.  The freezer sounds easy and I'm praying that it works.  

There was quite a bit I did have to just throw out.  I had stationery and envelopes that got wet and ruined.  The envelopes sealed themselves or sealed to other things.  I was kicking myself the whole time I was going through those things.  The things I did keep, I wiped down carefully with a cloth dunked in water & clorox and wrung out well.  I didn't want the mold to continue to keep eating into things and I also wanted to kill the mold.  This worked out really well and I feel confident that the things I kept are mold free.  I'm so thankful that most of my children's things were saved.  Amazingly, I also found a packet of things I had made as a child in grade school!  Thank goodness, those were in perfect condition and were saved, too.

After this, I had to rest and worked on my writing while sitting in my recliner.  Have I said how much I "heart" my recliner?! :)

I've been putting some things together for my friend to use at a tea she is hosting at church this weekend.  She needed "foo-foo" things and knew I was the gal to call.  I put a few more things in the box for her when I felt up to it later on today.  

My boys are still sick.  My oldest son was well enough that he went to his college class but he came home just wiped out.  My youngest son is still very sick and now it seems my husband has it, too.  I always worry about him when he gets these things because he is diabetic and it's hard on him.  I'm praying that he will not get this illness too bad and gets over it quickly.  He was supposed to have eye surgery tomorrow morning, but we had to cancel and will have to reschedule when he's completely well.

I have knee shots in the morning.  I'll be glad to get them over with.  One amazing thing is that now I don't have to have a series of three shots - they now just do one.  There's something new they do and the one shot does the same as the three used to do.  That's so nice.  One shot and I'm done for six months, unless I have to have a cortisone shot in between.  When I have the shots, the day is a day of rest for me as I am not supposed to walk but very little for 24 hours after the shots.  Tomorrow, hopefully I'll get more writing done.  

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God bless you - Julie

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