Friday, March 18, 2011

A New Chair, Bithdays & More

I had a turn for the worse for a couple of weeks and was just trying to focus on getting past the pain.  I had so many people praying for me and I certainly felt them sustain me.  During this difficult time, my husband was more determined than ever that I get a new chair.  As soon as I was able, we were off to the La-Z-Boy store.  I sat in every La-Z-Boy in the store many, many times.  I reclined, I sat, I took my sweet time.  Here's what I picked out:

I love it!! The fabric is very, very soft and it's so very cushioney!! (Is that a word?) I also love the dark, chocolate brown color. Anyway, as usual, my husband was right. It has made things much better.  I am sleeping in this chair and it's helped.  I still have pain, but at least I am having times where I have some relief.  Any kind of relief is a blessing! That's my prayer shawl draped over the back.  It's been in well use!

We also had birthday's here the past couple of weeks.  My boy's birthdays are just a few days apart and we celebrated quietly at home.  I made BBQ chicken wings, pizza and carrot cake.  I did this over a process of a few days and was able to pull it off.  They both wanted the same thing so I did this twice.  Here's a picture of the finished cake.

This cake was so rich, so sweet and so good!! You can find the recipe here.  The recipe actually calls for the cake to be a sheet cake, but I did it in my round pans which are older than the hills and smaller than today's cake pans so it ended up being a triple layer cake.  I will never buy a store bought carrot cake again after having this. It was better than anything we ever had from the bakery.  My oldest son really enjoyed this cake

and so did my youngest son.

They both had wonderful birthdays and I'm so very, very thankful for my sons.

My doggies have been needing to be groomed so hubby took them for me one day and here's my precious, little Holly after her grooming.  Isn't she just adorable?  She's so excited, she's playing with her little, purple squeeky dog toy.  I love her hair short and as much as I have loved doing the whole ribbon and bow thing in her hair, I'm thinking I'm going to have her get this hair cut from here on out.

Sweet Holly has been such a comfort to me during these last few months of dealing with pain. She is always there with me, snuggling with me and knowing when I need a kiss on the nose.  She is definitely a gift from God. 

My sons had their friend over the past couple of days and they had a great time playing video games and munching on cake.  As they have all gotten older, they aren't able to get together with their friends like they used to.  There's college, work, and other responsibilities in their lives now and so these times of just having some down time are far and few between.  I'm so glad they were able to get together for awhile. 

I'm SO tired.  Between the birthdays, the pain, and the steroid shots, I just feel like I'm crashing half the time.  I'm going to try and get some decent sleep tonight.  I say that every night, but usually end up having insomnia and total exhaustion the next day. I think it's the pain pills, quite frankly.  I'll be so thankful when I'm able to cut them down even more.

Thank you again for all your prayers, emails, and comments.  They have been such a blessing to me and I never take them for granted. 

God bless you - Julie


  1. I'm so glad to hear you are doing as well as you can. The new chair looks very comfy! Yes, when I was sick, my cat was my best friend. You seem to get a lot done, too. Those cakes!!! Awesome!!!

  2. Holly sure is sweet! She is looking adorable with her new cut!

    Happy Birthday to those handsome sons of yours!

    Hope you find rest and comfortable sleep in your new recliner!

  3. Julie,
    Thank you for your posts. They mean so much to me. As I have some aches and pains I then think of you and realize hey if Julie can do all she does in the pain she is in then I know I can do more. You are a blessing. I'll be so thankful when your pain is gone. Holly is so sweet.

  4. Rita, You're so sweet, but honestly, I have times where I'm in tears because of the pain and all I do is sit. I really have to psych myself up to do things sometimes and after wards, I just drop. Truly, I get through because of Jesus.

    Thank you so much for your sweet words. I will be SO thankful when the pain is gone, too!!

    I pray that you are feeling better and that your aches and pains will disappear! Just don't over-do!!

    Much love - Julie


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