Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Counting Our Blessings

It's Tuesday so it's time to count our blessings!!!

It's been a gorgeous week here on the homestead and the birds are singing, the buds are coming out on the fruit trees, and the land is greening up!  I'm so glad that Spring seems to have finally arrived!!

When I was younger, I dreaded the summer months because I didn't like the heat, but not that I'm older and I have arthritis, I look forward to the warmer months and the little bit of relief I get from not having the cold weather.

Let's get to counting those blessings:

42.  I'm thankful that I was able to get some help from my pain management doctor this week for the pain I've been having in my left foot.  I have tons of arthritis in my foot and ankle and it greatly pains me everyday.  I can't be on my foot for very long before it swells up like a balloon!  She gave me some cream and I'm praying it helps.  I'm just so thankful for the blessing of having a pain management care provider that really does care!

43.  I'm so thankful that my youngest son's back seems to be improving.  He has been doing Physical Therapy and it does seem to be helping.  He's still in pain, but the pain is getting a bit better.  Praise the Lord!

44.  I'm thankful that I finally got some things cleaned up in my kitchen.  We've had boxes piled up since I injured my back and last week, my oldest son helped me and we cleared the area out! He did the clearing and I did the supervising since my back won't allow me to do anything else.  We also got a Spring table cloth on the table and I arranged some of my pretty Easter things in the middle.  Such a small thing, but such a huge, huge blessing that I was finally able to get this done!

45.  My recliner continues to be a blessing.  I had a couple of really bad days this week pain-wise and part of it was that I sat in a different recliner for a few hours in our living room.  It just doesn't have the support and so I ended up paying for it for a few days with horrible pain.  I went back to my recliner my hubby got me and it has helped so much!! I'm still having pain, but the chair does really help me.

46.  My family continues to be such a huge blessing to me.  They are kind, loving, and so helpful when I need help.  They are definitely the hands and feet of Jesus for me.

I hope your week was a huge blessing and that you have many, many blessing to count!!

God bless you - Julie


  1. Great thankful list...and doesn't spring just bring such hope..I am glad you are feeling better.

  2. Good to know things are on the up and up with you Julie. Spring brings such a new and vibrant freshness to a weary soul doesn't it?

  3. I like your thankful list. It reminds me to be thankful even though I am dragging today physically. Have a really good day!


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