Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dentist Day

Today I did something that I absolutely dread...I went to the dentist! I've been having an issue with one of my front teeth (or number 7, as my dentist informed me today! lol) He also discovered an issue with number 6, so there was a lot of work to be done.  The tooth has been sensitive to touch and looked like it was getting a little dark on the sides and I immediately thought, "CAVITY!" and there was a small one, but the biggest issue was something I hadn't thought of.  He asked if I had some trauma to the tooth (regular speak: did I bump it or hit it) and at first I couldn't think of anything, but then I remembered:  I've been grinding my teeth again.  I used to grind my teeth when I was young because I was so nervous all the time.  As I got older, that subsided.  However, with the pain in my back (and other worries), I've noticed I've been grinding my teeth again and quite severely.  My dentist said, "Awww...well that's it then".  So he numbed me (first he numbs the gums with bubblegum tasting stuff) with two shots (eeek!) and then proceeded to grind, and drill, and buff, and suction, and all those other horrible sounding things that drive me up the wall.  He ground my teeth a bit to change my bite as he also thinks that is contributing to the problem.  Then he filled the little cavity and sent me on my merry way...drooling all the way.

I was really concerned that I wouldn't be able to handle the dentist chair, but I took a Tylenol before the procedure and was able to handle everything.  It probably helped that I'm so stressed and uptight the whole time, my body is on high alert and I'm not thinking about much of anything but the grinding, the buffing, the drilling, the suctions...well, you get the idea.  I do take my IPod and try and listen to music, but to drown out all those noises, I would have to rupture my eardrums, or worse yet, not be able to hear my dentist ask me all those questions while my mouth is full of instruments and his hands.  Why do dentists do that?  I mean, do they really think we can answer them coherently?  In any case, I survived and am glad that the issue wasn't more serious than it was.

Afterward, I treated myself to a sugar-free, lowfat, iced latte from McD's. I had change in my purse and decided I deserved a special something after my ordeal! Mind you, I had to push the straw to one side of my mouth and all the way to the back so I wouldn't dribble, but it all worked out and I enjoyed my special drink.

I then drove out to the next town over to pick up some medical charts.  This woman has been calling me since December and has gotten quite irate that I haven't been out to pick them up.  My pleas of pain have not moved her much and she called today to tell me that either I pick them up by tomorrow, or they go back to storage with all the other thousands she has.  Could I send my husband or son, I ask? Nope. She needs to see me and my picture I.D.  I felt okay and went ahead and went on out there.  I was so amazed by all the places closed down.  It's a sad commentary on our times and it was very sad to see.

After all this, I came home and collapsed.  Thankfully, my sons decided to make dinner and I was able to relax and slowly feel my mouth come to life and antagonize me with pain.  Just what I need...more pain.  :)

Tomorrow, I plan on working on my latest writing project.  I actually am working on two projects and it's nice to go from one to the other.  I'm hoping my teeth will feel better and that I won't be thinking about that as well as my back.  I'm planning on throwing something in the crock-pot, so I won't have to worry about a big ordeal for dinner, either.

 Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

God bless you - Julie


  1. The dentist is on my list of places I avoid, too. I am sorry you have more pain to deal with. Were you able to get in to the pain doc to get another shot? Is there anything they can do other than shots? You poor dear!

  2. I have to make an appt for the dentist. I know it will not be a happy outcome.. ugh..


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