Monday, April 11, 2011

Update and Part Three of Taking Stock

I took the weekend off from the internet and focused on writing, reading, and just relaxing.  I've been having more pain again and really needed to just sit quietly.  We actually had snow over the weekend (goodbye little fruit buds that were on my trees) and so it really made it conducive to sitting with my heating pad and working on things.  I did some writing, some reading, and watched some TV.  In fact, all day yesterday, I watched a show that evidently has been on for a long time, but somehow I missed it.  It's "Deadliest Catch" and while you wouldn't think it was something a girly-girl would like, I do! It's amazing what these men do for a living - the risks involved - and just the whole drama of it all.  Now the new season is returning on Tuesday and I intend to watch it!

Today I intend to get back to doing some things that need to get done on the internet and doing some letter writing and working on my article.  I'm also calling my pain management doctor as I'm really hoping I can get in this week and get a back shot because the pain has become so bad again, it brings me to tears at times.  I need some relief and I'm praying that the shot will help me. 

Now on to Part Three of Taking Stock:   I knew the Lord was calling me to write, in fact, He was telling (commanding) me to write. The amazing thing about this is that I have wanted to be a writer since I was in elementary school. However, for some reason, when I felt the calling from the Lord, I basically froze. It actually scared me to pursue my dream and instead of trusting the Lord to guide me and give me what He wanted me to write, I just did the minimum. I started a couple projects, but set them aside. In other words, I didn't do much.
Instead of relying on Him, I was relying on myself and that's never a good thing to do.  I believe now that this pain issue is something God is allowing in my life to bring me into obedience to Him.  I haven't been able to do anything I would normally do through this whole episode. I have been forced to have this quiet time, I have been spending a lot of time with the Lord, studying my Bible, praying and journaling. I've been forced, basically, to be introspective and have also chosen to spend my time growing closer with the Lord. Through all this, the Lord has been really (for lack of a better word) thumping on my heart and Spirit about this writing thing. I've also had encouragement from my family about it and my sister said it best when she said, "You are being disobedient to the Lord by not doing what He's told you to do. Think Jonah."

Now that really got my attention! I never thought of myself as Jonah, who refused to do what the Lord had called him to do!  I hadn't thought that by just disregarding what the Lord was telling me, because of fear, was really blatant disobedience. It is. My sister was right and I knew He was giving her these words to speak a little deeper to my heart and really get my attention! 

So... I'm writing!! I have so many ideas (isn't that just like God?) and I'm just enjoying so much sharing all these things on paper.  I'm working on a project right now for homeschooling parents that I intend to put into an e-book. It's something I've wanted to put together for quite a while and it's so wonderful to be working on it and really getting it done!  I'm also working on my website and hoping that it can be a place of encouragement and also where my things will be available.  I feel like such a burden has been lifted now that I'm being obedient and doing what the Lord wants me to do and not what I think he wants me to do.  Sometimes the work we are doing for the Lord isn't at all what He wants us to do.  In fact, we may be taking something away from someone that the Lord has that job in mind for! Makes you stop and think! We need to be in prayer and mindful of what the Lord calls us to do...and then do it! :)

God bless you - Julie

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  1. It really shows maturity in Christ, when we come to the point where we realize we are being disobedient and being punished; especially when it doesn't take as long to realize it, like it used to.

    When my machines started acting up last week, I started crying. Then God showed me what I had been doing wrong in my life. I had my priorities all messed up, all because of those machines. The embroidery wasn't a bad thing, but I was letting it take over, which was a bad thing. Thank goodness I had been spending time in God's Word, so it didn't take me long to figure out what was wrong.

    You will realize that you are much happier in God's Will than your own. Get up each morning and give your day to God. You may have plans and they may come to pass, but if not, God had something else in mind for you.

    Best wishes on your writing.


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