Friday, April 29, 2011

What Do You See When You See Me?

I stayed up last night to watch the wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton last night.  I'm always up late, but ended up staying up until almost 6 am! I tried to go to sleep at 4 am but then the dogs barked at something and I was up again.  I got 4 hours sleep last night and I'm trying to decide if it was worth it. lol  The wedding was beautiful and the reason I watched it was because it was a historical affair.  As my long time readers know, I do love all things British, however, I'm not a big Royal watcher.  I find focusing on the Royals about the same as focusing on our American movie stars and I'm not into that either. That said, though, I did think it was a beautiful ceremony and they both looked wonderful.  The biggest contrast between William and Catherine and the wedding of Charles and Diana is the love I saw evident on both William and Catherine's faces.  I remember always thinking Charles looked a bit stand-offish during the whole thing. Catherine's dress was gorgeous and well worth waiting to see. 

While watching the ceremony, however, I was struck at the beautiful words about the Lord and Jesus Christ. The whole ceremony was filled with Scripture, words of conviction regarding our walk with Him, Hymns and beautiful music.  I wonder, though, how many of those people truly believe those words...truly have the Lord Jesus as the center of their lives.  Not just a, "I'm a Christian - I was born and raised a Christian" kind of relationship, but a real, vital relationship where He is more important than anything else, kind of relationship.  There is a huge difference and whether my words are offensive to some or not, there is truth in my words because the Lord tells us so in His Word!  1 John 2:6 says, "He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked".  When people see us, when they talk to us, when they read what we have written, they should know that we are Christians! Furthermore, if people are offended because of your faith, that's even better!! In my mind, that means we are on the right track because only those who are not walking with the Lord are offended by Him and if they are offended by me, then that means they see the Lord in me! Hallelujah!!

I've been working on some special little projects for some sweet little girls I know.  I can't reveal what I'm doing here because those little girls' family reads my blog, but suffice to say, I know they are going to love what I'm doing and I'm so excited to finish and get these things in the mail to them.  I have extra things I'm making that are so precious, so sweet, so girly-girl, I just can hardly stand it!! It's so much fun for me to make these frilly, little things.  When I can share a picture, believe me I will!

I haven't done anything else the past two days. Since my back shot, I had been trying to sit at my desk more and I do believe I made things worse.  My son, who has had the same back shots, said, "Mom, you know that you need to just sit in the recliner and let that all settle! You're doing way too much!".  I decided he was right when I was standing at my shelf, putting a couple of crochet books on the shelf and I felt an electric shot run through my back and down my leg.  Now mind you, I wasn't bending, I didn't have more than 2 lbs in my hands (if that), but I think just the fact that I haven't been resting, contributed to this.  I can't tell you how scared I was.  It hurt so bad and I quickly got to my recliner, turned on the heating pad and prayed I didn't have more problems.  I have had more pain the past two days, but I am taking care of myself and I am going to continue to take care of myself.  I'm not sure why I have this over-whelming feeling that I should not just rest...that I'm not doing enough...blah, blah, blah., but it's starting to affect my health and my getting well and I'm going to stop! From here on out, this girl is going to do whatever it takes to heal.  If I have to stay home for the next year, then so be it.  I'm laying it in God's hands and I'm going to use my brain that He gave me and take care of myself.  *I am now stepping down from my soap box*

I'm very tired tonight and am now going sign off.  Have a blessed weekend!

God bless you - Julie


  1. Loved the Royal Wedding! I too enjoyed all the scripture...I kept thinking about how much of that is not being used in life anymore...Britty and I like to watch a lot of wedding shows...everything is so materialized these days. I was happy that this young couple incorporated it all and I think that it was heartfelt by them...I too noticed the love...have always felt sorry for Diana...

    Anyway...I hope that you are doing better today and that your back has had some time to settle...keep fighting my dear friend.
    God bless,


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