Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Fourth of July

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It has been cooler here this week, with evening rain showers and sweet breezes coming through the window which makes sleeping just heavenly.  This is our monsoon season here and I love it!  I'm not crazy about the extra humidity when it's hot, but that's such a rarity, I can deal with it. How amazing that my sleep can be so deep and satisfying when it's cooler.  It's a pleasure to wake up refreshed instead of in a fog.

Our fourth of July was one of our best.  In fact, I can't remember a better 4th of July since I was a kid.  For the first time since I've lived here (25 years), some fireworks became legal and so we were able to have sparklers and a few ground displays.  This was the first time my boys had really gotten to experience fireworks so it was a lot of fun for them and we have a good time.  My sons grilled outside and made hamburgers and a grilled chicken breast for me.  I was able to put together some deviled eggs and pasta salad.  I was in a lot of pain after the day was done, but it was worth it.  Spending time watching my boys light fireworks for the first time was a memory I won't soon forget.  We were able to watch the fireworks from town from our back porch and my youngest always plays his patriotic music in the background.  So fun!!  Just a great memory.

I hope you had a wonderful fourth of July, too.  God bless America!


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  1. I am caught in a loop when I try to comment here. ugh.. I am glad you had a great 4th.. E mail me



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