Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Counting Our Blessings

Yes! I'm counting my blessings! As you know, I was having a hard time seeing any blessings in my life for awhile because of my pain, but the Lord has been so faithful and so patient with me.  He brought me out of my pit of despair and into the SONshine. Let's get started!

87.  I am counting the grace of God as my biggest blessing this week.  His grace is bigger than my pain (that's pretty big!) and His love and peace are more powerful. He sustains me!

88.  My sweet friends here (and in real life) who have commented on my blog and emailed me with their prayers and concerns. How amazing that you all take the time to comfort me! You have no idea how much this helps me.  Sometimes we have to rely on the strength of others and their prayers.  I truly believe that the Lord brings such precious people into my life as another extension of himself.

89.  Less pain is always a blessing and the Lord has lifted some of my pain. I'm certainly not "normal" but the pain is such that I can actually do more than sit in my recliner all day. I'm able to do little things here and there in my home which is such a huge blessing.  It's always reassuring to know that my recliner is right around the corner, but how wonderful to walk around my house a little!

90.  This wonderful community of believer's living in pain has become a huge blessing to me.  I stumbled across THIS SITE one evening and it's been a huge source of encouragement and understand from others like me who live in pain.  We pray for one another, have Bible study and sources for natural help in dealing with our pain.  I truly am thankful for this site.  I highly recommend it for Christians living in pain.

91.  My cross stitch, my crochet, my books, and music are such a huge blessing! Oh, my goodness - how wonderful to be able to create things while listening to music! Or read a good book while listening to music! Music is such an important thing to me and I'm so thrilled to have such a great music library in my home!

That's my blessings for this week.  PLEASE join me in counting your blessings!! Grab a button from the side bar, post your blessings on your blog, and then link up with me using the linky tool below.  I would love to read all about your blessings, too!

Blessings - Julie

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