Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miss Holly Speaks

Miss Holly has been a very happy girl. My Daddy came through the heart procedures just great and came home the next day! He's been tired, but not too tired to throw the toy for his sweet thing.  I make my Daddy smile and that's a very good thing for him.  I have also gone on two car rides since he came home as he can't drive himself right now (until the doctor releases him for driving) and my Mommy has to drive him places.  I have loved going in the car because I has been rewarded with a small treat at Sonic (a tater tot is always a yummy treat!) and I have gotten to see some horses, which were promptly barked at (from the safety of the car window, which was rolled up at the time). I have worn my dress, which I love, because it makes me feel pretty.

Poor Mommy has come home from these excursions exhausted and in pain, but happy that she is able to help Daddy in this way.  She has been using the heating pad more for her back pain, but that's okay, because I like to lay with her near the heating pad as it's warm and toasty.

I have been a little sad because my Mommy's friend lost her dog while camping over the weekend.  This dog is little, like me.  We are praying that she is found and goes home with her we always want to be with our Mommy.  Mommy has been very sad for her friend and has been praying continually for her friend to find her baby.

I'm ready for a nap now, so I'm going to sign off.

Barks and growls - Holly


  1. Too cute! Make sure Holly keeps us updated on what she's been doing. Still praying for you!

  2. cute!

    I hope that you enjoyed a pain free nap :)


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