Saturday, October 8, 2011

Stop and Smell the Roses

Sometimes you have to just stop and smell the roses. Sometimes things get so overwhelming or painful or busy that you just have to stop - and smell the roses. 

This may not be the literal roses, although my sweet hubby did cut the last of my roses in the yard and bring them into me to enjoy, but it can be anything that helps you to rest and refresh.  I find that listening to music, reading and watching favorite TV shows helps me to refresh.  I also enjoy crocheting and doing needlework, but with my pain, this isn't always possible.  It's important not to feel guilty when we need to rest, something it took me years to accomplish.  Our society pushes being busy so much, when we do rest, we sometimes feel like we're doing something wrong.  However, let us not forget that our Lord rested on the seventh day! The Lord knows we need rest and there's nothing wrong with allowing ourselves this refreshing time. 

The last two days have been pain-filled for me.  I'm having another flare-up so rest has been an absolute must.  It's ironic, really, that I had this flare-up when I did.  Last night our church had a special service for those who are dealing with chronic pain and illness and I really wanted to go, but I had too much pain to even leave my chair, let alone my house.  I was very disappointed, but it's just the way it is. 

I've rested and have been sitting with the heating pads.  I've watched the Dick Van Dyke show (it's about time TV Land actually showed some good vintage shows!) and read some of my favorite blogs.  The twinges of guilt come, but there's nothing else I can do.  It is what it is and I need to take care of myself.

My family and I are planning a new Bible study for ourselves.  It's called "Experiencing God" and it's something we've been wanting to do as a family for quite some time.  It hasn't worked out before this because I was either doing a Bible study at church or my hubby and sons were doing a Bible study.  This pain of mine has kept me from doing a Bible study at church, but it's opened the door for me to do this study with my family.  It's all in God's plan.  We just have to stop and listen to the Holy Spirit when we are going through something unplanned because it is all planned by the Lord and all has passed through His hands before we go through it. 

I am trying to rest and smell the roses that the Lord puts into my life - and there are many.

God bless you - Julie


  1. Sweet and thoughtful that your husband brought the last roses in for you to enjoy. Lovely photo image to go along with this post too.

    The family Bible study sounds like it will be a great blessing to all of you!


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