Monday, January 16, 2012

Book Review - Moments of Truth

I was very excited to review this book.  John MacArthur is a favorite teacher of mine because he always teaches the Bible literally and is a pastor/teacher that can be trusted to give us the truth.  This book did not disappoint.

This is a devotional that takes passages from different John MacArthur books and at the end of the daily devotional, it asks you a question to ponder in your own life.  The thing about this book that I like is it's not some sweet, simple devotional (not that there's anything wrong with those type of devotionals).  It's a meat and potatoes devotional that makes you think.  Many of the devotionals required me to re-read them several times to really get the truths out of them.  They are truths that are applicable to our lives and make you really think.  I really liked that.  It forced me to really get into the Scripture he was referring to and dig deep. 

This devotional is going to be something I use every day.  I think you can go through this year after year and still be pulling truths from it.  I can't say enough good about this devotional and I highly recommend it.

*This book was provided to me through the BookSneeze program of Thomas Nelson publishers. 

God bless you - Julie

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