Thursday, February 23, 2012

No news

We have no news about my hubby yet.  We were supposed to go to the doctor this afternoon for results of the tests he had done, but they called my hubby this morning and said that the doctor said not to come in, that he would call this evening to talk.  We can only assume this is good news, however, the doctor didn't call and so we're not sure.  Hubby will call in the morning to find out why he didn't call and to, hopefully, get some answers.  It's rather aggravating that he didn't call as I know he knows that we are anxious to know what's going on.  We've always like this doctor, but I do think he's a bit over-worked and probably doesn't always think about these kinds of things.  I'll share what we know when we know it.

I had a back injection yesterday and have had a horrible, migraine-type headache ever since.  I've never had this before, but I think my sedation was a bit different yesterday, as it felt different.  I've tried heat, cold, Excedrin (which usually always works) and lying down with a cool compress.  Nothing has worked.  I called my doctor yesterday and then again today and he said if I still had the headache tomorrow, I need to come in for another injection to get rid of the headache.  The only problem is, the Excedrin has aspirin and is considered a blood thinner, so I'm quite sure he's not going to do another injection until I've been on the aspiring product for 7 days.  I'll have to call and find out what to do if this is the case.  Oh, it's always something, huh? LOL

I missed my Bible study again today and unless my headache goes away overnight, I'll miss my prayer meeting again, too.  Such a bummer, but it's what it is.  I had such a sweet phone call from one of my friends this morning checking in on me.  So good to be missed, cared for, and prayed for.  I'm very blessed to have such wonderful friends.

It's hurting my head to be on the computer so I will say "goodnight" and I'll update what I know when I know it.

God bless you - Julie

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  1. I've prayed for you and your husband this morning. I hope when you read this that you will be feeling better. I did add your husband to our prayer list at church. I think that most doctors just don't think about how not receiving that phone call affects their lives. Most doctors are overworked, because there are so many people that are sick. It's really sad.
    Hope you feel well this morning and get some good news from the doctor.


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