Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The nasty bug has hit our house

I had great intentions last week, but by my silence, I'm sure you knew something was up.  I got hit with that horrible bug that has been going around last week and finally ended up at the doctor today where I was diagnosed with bronchitis - possibly pneumonia - and put on antibiotics and had a breathing treatment.  I can't tell you how sick I've been but I'm hopeful I'll be on the mend now. 

My two sons also caught the bug and have been sick, but seem to be getting better, thankfully.  We are praying that my husband doesn't get it as he starts his first treatment of radiation tomorrow that will continue for 8 weeks.  Please continue to pray for him and that he doesn't get this horrible bug. 

I have a book review tomorrow and, hopefully, will have more news and my show and tell Friday this week.  Just wanted you to know where I've been and what's up.

God bless you - Julie


  1. We were hit too. Two of my kids are on antibiotics. My oldest and myself are going to beat it on our own, I think. My husband escaped the bug somehow. I hope you are on the mend. Take it easy and don't expect to bounce back quickly. It takes a long time. (((HUGS)))


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