Friday, May 18, 2012

Show and Tell Friday!

This week I'm sharing something so adorable! It's another one of my crocheted projects and I just loved how they came out. I made these for my grand-nieces to enjoy.  They are little purse/backpacks. I made one in purple and one in pink 'cuz lets face it, what little girl (or big girl for that matter) doesn't love purple and pink?

First, here's a picture of the purple purse.  I created the drawstrings/straps using two strands of yarn crocheted together.  I used an off white for the base of both purses and then used purple accents for this one.

Just a side note: The pink afghan in the background was not made by me, but I found it at the Goodwill! It was so beautiful and only $1.99. I just couldn't believe anyone would donate this so I brought it home and have loved it ever since.  Now on to purse two.

This one is made the same way, but has the prominent pink accents . SO cute!

I really loved how these purses were made with a solid bottom so things wouldn't fall out. The sides do have some airy qualities about them, but I don't believe anything will fall out unless they put something very tiny in the purse.

Here are the two purses together

Just precious, aren't they? I think what really makes them are the flowers on the front. These are not as hard as you may believe and really added something special to the little purses.

Here are the links so you can make your own purse for a special little girl or two in your life.



I hope you enjoyed seeing these cute little purses. I certainly enjoyed making them!

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  1. Cute little purses! LOVE that pink afghan!

  2. They are darling! I know, it bothers me, too, when I see a hand made blanket at Good Will! I always hope it is not because someone did not appreciate the gift!


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