Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Counting Our Blessings

God blesses us in so many ways. We have the choice of looking at the blessings or the hardships and I chose to focus on his blessings. Here's a list of the few of my blessings.

 36. After sharing how I was so tired here on the blog, I know that I was prayed for! I immediately started feeling better the next day and I haven't had a really tired day since. I am so blessed by my friends here on the blog. You all bless me so much!

37.  I have been blessed by God's peace through a difficult time recently within the family. The situation has calmed down a bit and I know it's because everyone involved was praying through it. I'm so thankful that the Lord cares about everything in our life and gives us the peace and assurance we so need during the difficult times.

38.  I'm so thankful for my knee shots! I got my first ones today and it always gives me hope that I will be able to function more fully once the shots are completed. I'm also so thankful for my caring doctor who takes his time and makes sure I'm not in additional pain from the shots. My experience with another doctor was not like this at all and I am so blessed to have such a caring and thoughtful doctor.

39.  God has blessed my youngest son with a reduction in his pain so that he's been able to do a few things. He has also been doing physical therapy, for which I'm so thankful. He still has pain, but to see him able to do more, is such a huge, huge blessing! Thank you, Lord, for your goodness!

40.  I am so blessed by my husband. He takes such wonderful care of me. He blesses me with love, care, and servitude. He is understanding about my pain and my lack of being able to do as much as I could. He loves me for who and what I am. I AM blessed!!

Please link up and share your own blessings! I know I would be encouraged by your blessings and other's would, too. The Lord delights when we acknowledge all He does for us.

God bless you-Julie


  1. May God continue to greatly bless you.

  2. God Bless You.
    I Suscribe To Your Blog, It's Amazing.
    I Have a christian blog can you visit me ?
    Thank you for continously challenge me. Receive my prayers for your life in Jesus name amen and amen.


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