Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Poor Aching Everything!

This is exactly how I'm feeling tonight!! I probably have the same look on my face, too! I'm just plain pooped! We've been working around here to get the house all cleaned and sparkling for company tomorrow. I very much dislike "marathon" cleaning sessions so we have been working on the house little by little for awhile, but you know how it is...the closer the time gets to the company getting here, the more things you see that you want to do.  Add in the fact that my house has not been deep cleaned since I hurt my back and you can imagine the dust bunnies and clutter. I'm happy to report I donated TONS of stuff and threw out even more. The areas that have been cleaned are just so nice and I feel like it's my home again. I am really hurting, though, tonight. My knees, back and hip are just burning with pain and I'm just so happy to be sitting in my recliner with the heating pad. Hopefully tomorrow, the pain will be better and I won't be so tired!

I baked bread today because I'm going to be serving breakfast to my company in the morning. I also got the bacon fried for the wonderful egg casserole, and I'll serve that with toast, and fresh fruit. I'll also have coffee, of course, and ice water. It's been so hot here I think the ice water will be a refreshing option. I will try and remember to take pictures as I make my egg casserole and share the recipe with you. I'll also take pictures of the areas that I cleaned and decorated as I'm so thrilled with how everything came together.

As much as I'm hurting tonight, I am not complaining. I am so thankful to the Lord that I can do more now. Yes, I'm in pain but I couldn't do anything like this even a year ago. The Lord has blessed me abundantly and I praise Him for his mercies!!

Have a blessed Sunday!



  1. Julie, good for you. I have been doing much of the same thing these past couple of weeks and it feels so good to declutter and clean. For the past year I really only had time for surface cleaning and like you clutter was getting the best of me. Your breakfast sounds wonderful...I haven't had homemade bread in so long! Praising the Lord right along with you that you are able to do more.
    looking forward to pictures!

  2. I hope that you are feeling better. I've been away traveling.

    Your egg casserole sounds yummy, too!


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