Friday, August 3, 2012

I Saw The Lord

My Tuesday night Bible study has ended and I learned SO much from it. I hated for it to end, quite frankly. What a wonderful and insightful study!!

I came away knowing that I want the Lord to use me in any way that He wants. I want to know Him more fully! I want to have a deeper and even more meaningful relationship. There is nothing more important than to have a truly deep relationship with the Jesus.

It's so vital that I know God for myself. I need to pay attention to what grabs my heart. These statements were made in the DVD and they are so powerful.

For me, the greatest thing that stood out to me is this statement, "When it gets hard is often when we're in God's will." Wow! I can so relate to this statement. I know that I know that I have been in God's will over these almost 2 years of pain. The Lord has taught me so much. I am closer to Him than ever because in my pain, He is all that I can cling to. I know Him better because he has graciously allowed me to have this pain. He has given me more of a testimony that, hopefully, will help others who also suffer from pain (and cancer, extended family issues and health problems that come to loved ones). Every problem that the Lord allows, we can learn from and we can grow through.

The last part of the study was on Nehemiah. Something that was said on the DVD was that Nehemiah didn't have what he needed to rebuild the wall, but that the Lord provided what he needed and more! Don't you find that the Lord always does that? He not only provides what we need, but He gives us more to do what He calls us to do. He provides the strength we need. I know that whether the Lord heals me or not, He WILL give me the strength that I need to do what He calls me to do.

He has done so much for me. He has healed so much of my pain and I am able to do so much more. I'm realizing that it's time to get back to doing even more for God. It's time to step out and do those things I know He's calling me to do. There is some fear there, I'll be honest, but I also learned that obedience is the touchstone for revivial (another great quote from the study). God has called me to do so much and I have been fearful of some of these things, but now I know that I just need to do it. There is no fear when we step out with God by our side.

God bless you - Julie

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