Friday, September 21, 2012

31st Anniversary - How I Met My Spouse Link-Up!

Thirty-three years ago, I met someone who would change my life forever. I met my husband at work and it really was God's timing because I only ended up working there for approximately 3 months. When I first saw my husband I thought, "Gee. He looks like that guy on Lawrence Welk." I was thinking of Joe Feeney! LOL I figured he had a wife and a bunch of kids at home and didn't give him a second look.  He, however, did nothing but look.  Every time I would look up from my desk, there he would be, staring at me! I can even remember calling my mother and telling her this weirdo was staring at me all the time! Finally, I talked to him and found out he was really a nice guy - no wife - no kiddos. He also doesn't sing. :)

We started dating and became best friends. He came over to my family's house for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the other holidays. It wasn't long before he asked me to marry him.

This is our engagement photo. Oh, my goodness...don't we look young?
This is our wedding. We were married 31 years ago today. At this point, my husband was living in Nevada and we decided to get married when he came to visit me in Colorado. This wedding was put together in one day - yes, ONE day! I already had my dress and veil and with the help of family and friends, our wedding was beautiful. We got married in my parent's living room which is what I had always wanted.
Here we are 5 years later in our first home we bought together. We're standing in front of our fireplace with all the family pictures I hung above it. We don't live in this house anymore but the fireplace is the only thing I really miss about that house.

This was taken three years ago at my youngest son's graduation. A few more wrinkles, a few more gray hairs, but still best friends.

We've had a crazy life (as we all do) but the one thing we have both done that I'm eternally (literally) thankful for is that we both accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior and it has made all the difference for us in our marriage and our relationship. Things were good before Jesus, but things are great with Jesus. He is the bond that holds us together and it's why our marriage is still going strong for 31 years.

Happy Anniversary for my very, sweet husband!! I look forward to 31 more years with you!


I'm making this a link-up so you can share how you met your spouse, too! Just link up below and share your own story. Please link up with the story and not just your blog so we can read your story and not have to search for it. Thanks!

God bless you - Julie


  1. A very happy anniversary to you both! That's a great story.

  2. Happy, happy Anniversary! I loved reading your love story and seeing all of your pictures. Wishing you God's many blessings for many, many years ahead.

    Love and hugs... Joyce


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