Friday, September 7, 2012

Show and Tell Friday - Link Up!

My goodness...time has flown by since my last "Show and Tell Friday"! I have quite a few things to share with you this wonderful Friday.

Remember this?
See that beautiful rubber tree plant in the corner of the picture? This was taken only about 2 months ago. I always wanted a rubber tree plant as I have fond memories of the huge one in my friend's parent's house. This was actually my second rubber tree plant as I accidently killed the first one by giving it too much water. :(  Unfortunately, I must have done the same with this gorgeous thing as it started dropping leaves like crazy. I decided that it breaks my heart too much to try another one so when my husband and I went grocery shopping, we saw this:

Don't you love those shiny, shiny leaves? Here's another view:

It's a Gardenia! It has actually already grown quite a bit in the 2 weeks that I've had it. Another reason I love loves to be watered. LOL It's supposed to get a cup of water a day although, I haven't been giving it that much since it holds water in the bottom of the pot with a mesh screen over the top. I'm checking it all the time to make sure it stays healthy and happy. I have never had problems with my plants before - I actually have a green thumb - so am hopeful that this beauty will be happy here. I can't wait for it to bloom! The blooms will look like this:

Isn't that gorgeous?! Such a lovely, delicate looking flower. I'm sad about my rubber tree plant, but oh so happy with my new Gardenia plant!

It's getting closer to my new Bible study starting. We're going to be doing this study:

I'm very excited about this study! As I shared, I will be a leader this time and I'm so excited to meet the ladies of my group and study the Word of God with them! I love the small groups and getting to know each lady and have fellowship. It's really a priviledge!

I'm also going to be doing this study. It's a once-a-month study and I have to tell you, the inside of the book is just gorgeous! I love studying the Bible and to have the study book be beautiful on top of it, is just a treat! This book was definitely created with women in mind.

 I love that my church offers these wonderful studies to bring us closer to God and really apply His Word to our life.

As a family we are doing this study:

We have been wanting to do this study for quite some time and we finally decided it was time. We are taking this study slow as we are all super busy, but I find it's wonderful to savor the study. It's so great to study as a family and I'm so glad that we can do this together.

So what's new in your life? Please share your own show and tell using the linky. It can be something you're doing, something you bought, something you're making or whatever!

Thank you for coming by!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Hey beautiful sister..I'm busy making chocolate chip cookies for the family and took a short break while the mixer is going and the Lord lead me here..yahooooooooooooo..oh I just love your vignette you have in your living room...I adore every piece of furniture, pillows, pictures, plant..and the new one!! you and I have the same taste ya

  2. Oh, that's too bad about the plant. I am not the best at keeping plants alive that need watering, so perhaps a rubber tree would work for me. lol. Have a lovely weekend.


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