Monday, October 8, 2012

App Review - The Beginner's Bible


I had the opportunity to review "The Beginner's Bible" App for the Ipad and I loved it!

The app provided stories from the Bible that were read out loud. One really great thing was that as the story was read, that word was highlighted in yellow to help the child see the word as it was read. This is an excellent way to help children read. The pictures were bright and eye-catching. There was movement as they discussed some of the characters. When speaking of Eve, she moved.  There is a story called, "The Sneaky Snake" and it shows a snake in a fruit tree and as the story is read, the snake moves. I know children would really like this because I did!

There are also games that you can play, puzzles to put together, and pictures to color. The game was a lot of fun and I enjoyed playing it. It was an excellent game to promote eye/hand coordination. The puzzles are jig-saw puzzles that help a child to recognize the shapes and pictures to put the picture back together. The coloring pages provide a page with different colors you touch and then color in the picture with your finger. All these games, puzzles and coloring pages are coordinated with the stories that the child reads.

There was also cute music played in the background for the title pages for the stories and the play page. While playing the games, coloring or putting together puzzles, the child will hear music. I enjoyed all the music. There is also the choice of turning the music off so the child can play quietly.

I loved this app as an adult and can just imagine the joy it would bring any child! I highly recommend this app for your Ipad!

Blessings - Julie

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