Monday, October 1, 2012

My New Writing Table

This is my new table! My hubby decided that I really needed a bigger place to work after seeing my son's new desk set-up (mine doesn't even compare to his, believe me!) and how nice it was for him to have all the room to work on.

I had been working on a desk I've had since I was 10 and, of course, it was not built to be used for a laptop plus writing. I was constantly having to move things around and it was annoying and unproductive. I also tried another desk I have that is a pull down desk, but that was even worse.

Hubby knew we had this lovely table we weren't using and so he decided it would be perfect for me.

I've decided I have a bit too much on the table to really make it practical so all this stuff isn't going to stay on there. I had to try it out first to know that. I think the only thing I'll have on here is the red tray you see with the cup of pencils and the paperclip bowl...and of course, if you look carefully, you can see "Fluttershy" from "My Little Pony" on the tray, too. lol

Here's another shot of the table. Yep, the green desk organizer has got to go as well as some of the books you see on the table.

These books will be staying right where they are, though. How do you like my pencil pouch? I love cute pencil pouches and have about 4 that I use regularly. I have each one organized for different things so I can grab one at a moments notice.

I love my new writing area. I love that I can write and have my papers around me for perusal. Here's a shot of my manuscript so far. I'm still working on it, but I'm close to having it completed. I truly believe the editing part is really the longest and hardest part of writing!

I also love having the big area for doing my Bible study. I use the MacArthur Bible Commentary and it's huge, so having a nice big table for studying is wonderful. My hubby is so thoughtful to think of this! Now he's talking about having a piece of glass cut for the top which would make it absolutely perfect!

God bless you - Julie

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  1. Your writing spot is lovely...and I'm excited about your manuscript:)


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