Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Before Christmas

Christmas is two days away! My goodness...this season just seems to have flown by. As you know, I've had my tree up since the end of October and I'm still enjoying it. I probably will leave it up for at least another week to two weeks after Christmas. I love sitting and looking at the tree at night with all the lights off in the room and only the Christmas tree lights illuminating our living room. There is something so peaceful about it. The Christmas tree makes me stop and just sit and ponder. I think of all my blessings - how far I've come in this life - and I quietly in my heart wonder what the Lord has for me in this next year.

I'm optimistic. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I am. I try not to think about the pain filled years. I try not to anticipate them happening again, and I have faith in the Lord that He has a plan for my life. Jeremiah 29:11 is a Scripture that I hold tight to when I have those little niggling thoughts in the back of my mind that wants to think doomy and gloomy thoughts.

I think about my two sons and how much they have grown as men and as followers of Jesus in this past year. I'm thankful beyond measure that they believe in the Lord and that they are walking with Him. I also see how much they have grown in their daily lives. How far they have come in school and how hard they work. They have never stopped being a blessing to my hubby and me. I know these years of having them under our roof are limited and I enjoy each and every day that they are still home. This time will pass so quickly and they will be out on their own, with their own lives and family. How precious this time is right now.

I think about what my goals are for this year. I wonder what direction I should take with my writing, with my blog, with my art. I ponder these things in my heart. I reflect on them. I pray about where the Lord wants me to go next in all these things. I know on my own I won't do anything. It is only through the strength of the Lord that I will be able to move forward and be obedient to His callings.

I pray that I will be completely obedient, that I will have the strength I need to do what I will have to do, or to endure what I'll have to endure. We are never sure what our future holds, but I feel peaceful because my future has Jesus in it and, with Him, I can be confident and at peace.

God bless you - Julie

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