Thursday, January 17, 2013

Busy week!!

 I want to update you about Sammy first. He's doing good so far. My hubby took him to the Vet on Monday and she found another few wounds that we missed. She gave him a booster Rabies shot, antibiotics, and pain pills and that helped him a lot. The only thing we have to worry about is Rabies. Since we don't know what attacked him, there's that concern. Yes, he has his shots, but I guess that's not a total guarantee. They said we would see symptoms within 10 days. Please pray that he will be fine and thank you so much for your prayers you've said. I so appreciate the sweet comments, too!

This has been such a super busy week, but thankfully, I have energy to spare and I'm on a roll!! I started off the week in the "big city" where I went to the doctor.  Good news there - I don't have cancer. Yay! I didn't think I would, but there's just something about the doctor actually saying you don't that makes you let out a sigh of relief. My calcium is dangerously low and she wants to get that figured out, but I like her and, so far, I'm pleased with how she's handling my thyroid issues.

After that, I met up with my cousin for lunch at "Streets of New York". We have one here, but the one there was so cute! It was much smaller than ours, but we really enjoyed the food and the service was exceptional. I don't get to see my cousin a lot, even though she only lives about 2 hours away, so this was a real treat! Here's a picture of us in front of the restaurant.

She is a children's pastor and she is such a godly woman! She said so many things that just blessed me so much. It motivated me to really do what the Lord has called me to do as I know that He will bless it! She is funny, smart and I just love that girl!!

After that, I went to the Calvary Chapel bookstore that I love so much. I didn't get much there (finances being very tight these days) but I did find a beautiful Christmas mug that was 40% off. I'm rather picky about coffee mugs so when I very rarely find one that "speaks to me". This one is gorgeous and I love the shape and size of it. My son, who went with me, got a Christmas CD for 40% off.

Speaking of my son - we realized that this was the very first time that he and I had gone out of town together!! We had such a great time and it made for such a great memory for us both.

After that, we went to my best friends house for dinner and talking. I haven't seen her forever as they moved near the big city about 2 years ago and it has just never worked for us to get together. Her son is my son's best friends, so it was so fun for us to go see them. She made a lovely dinner and then she and I headed off to Starbucks to chat while the guys played board games with his little brothers and sisters. It was so wonderful to spend time with her again and we've determined that we're not going to let that much time pass before we get together again. We're thinking we might meet halfway next time and see each other for lunch. We left there about 9:30 pm and it was SO cold!! It was 23 degrees there and by the time we got home, it was 14 degrees!!! It was such a lovely day, though!

Tuesday, was my Bible study and it was the first one after the holiday break. It was such a blessing to see everyone again and get into the Word with them. Each of those ladies blesses me so much I can't even express it here. Love them!

Wednesday, I had paperwork to do, etc., etc.  Today I had my knee shots and then had a couple of errands to do. One of which was to get a crochet hook for a gift I'm making. The one I have was evidently used by someone for a tool or something and when I went to use it, it had a niche out of it and it kept snagging the yarn. These hooks are so nice because I can crochet for hours without my hand getting fatigued.

I went to Hobby Lobby first, but they have their own brand of these type of hooks, however, I didn't like the head on them. I only crochet with Susan Bates hooks because I like the shape of the hook and the smooth way they work with the yarn. I got mine at JoAnn's Crafts. While I was there, they had the Christmas stuff at 90% off and so I got some Christmas wrapping paper for 39 cents! We used up most of ours this year and we were down to one roll, so this was nice to get for next year. I also got some cute Gingerbread napkins for 39 cents a pack and 3 metal trays to use at my Bible studies for 59 cents. They will make great snack trays!

I came home and made BLT's for dinner and a pan of brownies for my son to take to the Fire Department when he works there tomorrow. I'm really tired tonight and my knees are super sore, but it's okay. It's been such a lovely week!!

God bless you - Julie

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  1. You have been busy! But, it all sounds wonderful. And, I'm so glad Sammy is ok so far.


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