Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

What a week! God has shown His amazing grace to me - once again - and it's so reassuring to me that the Lord cares for me even when I'm not exactly smart about things.

11.  I'm so thankful and blessed that the Lord loves me unconditionally. Growing up with a mother who made her love totally conditional, it's taken years for me to understand that the Lord loves me - truly loves me - just as I am. Once I came to this realization, it changed how I viewed everything. Thank you, Lord, for loving me!

12.  I'm so blessed that the back shot helped me! I'm still experiencing some pain but it's better and I'm able to go forward and do the things that I need to do for the Lord. I'm thankful for the Lord's healing touch and for him using medical doctors to also help me.

13. I'm so thankful that my oldest son is okay after sliding on the ice while going to work and having his car go off the road. Oh, this mother's heart is so thankful to the Lord for His wonderful protection! My son works in the mountains about an hour and a half north of here and they always get much more snow and ice than we do. God totally blessed us all with His protection of my son!

14. I'm so blessed to have so many Bibles. I love the Word of God and when I see a Bible at a thrift store or at my favorite used book store, I usually have to have it. I was especially blessed this week to have them all as I was able to go to my bookshelf and choose a new Bible that I can carry with me. I needed to choose a slimmer, lighter Bible and I found the perfect one on my shelf. Totally blessed!

This is actually the hard backed Bible (which I do have - lol) but I'm using my leather-bound copy of this Bible. I love it! Such beautiful paintings inside and devotionals. Most of all, I love the NKJV that this is and the fact that I can carry it with no pain. So blessed!

15.  I'm blessed by renewed friendships - by new friendships - by old friendships. Friends truly are a blessing and I am tremendously blessed to have some wonderful friends that I love and who love me. The phone calls, the text messages, the emails of encouragement and love are such a blessing! I'm so thankful for my friends.

Now it's your turn! Please share your own blessings on the linky below! It is good to share our blessings and give honor and glory to the Lord for all He has done!!

Blessings - Julie

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