Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CD Review - Take Heart


Cultivate a heavenly perspective on life’s struggles through the heartfelt, passionate songs of the CD Take Heart by singer and songwriter Shannon Wexelberg.
Written during times of hardship, each song is both a declaration of who the Lord is in the midst of trying times as well as an expression of gratitude to God for His faithfulness. You’ll find 10 peaceful and uplifting praise and worship songs like “Join the Song,” “Hope in God,” and “Exalted Alone.”


Grateful for the journey, Mark and Shannon have walked through their share of challenging seasons, followed by miracles. After a 10 year struggle with infertility, they were given the gift of adopting their son Christian (read their journey to parenthood in Shannon's blog). And in 2009, Mark had a catastrophic motorcycle accident (with a truck that ran a stop sign) going 55 mph and flying 40 feet, leaving him with 23 broken bones, 4 surgeries, and metal implanted into many limbs and joints!  Still, they are so grateful that he had no head or spinal injury. Though they would've never chosen this accident as a part of their story, God has been using it to deepen their faith and dependance once again.

Shannon, her husband Mark, and their son Christian, make their home in Colorado, along with their two orange cats. With the exception of a few overseas trips here and there, Shannon ministers a couple weekends a month in the US and in her home church, preserving time for family, friends and the stuff of life! She is still most at home behind a piano, worshipping the Father, and is grateful for the chance to bring others along.

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I love this CD! My measure of good Christian music is if I can listen to it while doing my Bible study or quiet time as well as when I'm cleaning the house. This beautiful CD meets all those criteria!

Every song on this CD is beautiful. I love how Shannon sings every song as though it's a prayer to the Lord. Her voice is so lovely and you can understand every word as she sings her worship music. I think that's so important as we sing along with her in worship, too. I think when you read about Shannon's story, you know that her beautiful, prayerful voice comes from a place in her heart that really knows and understands the Lord and all He has done for her.

I've listened to this CD over and over again. As I sit down for my quiet time and study, it's the first thing I turn on. I love every song on the CD but my favorites are "Be Still", "Who You Say You Are", and "Love Divine". The words are beautiful and each one really speaks to me. All the songs are like this, though, throughout the entire CD.

I highly recommend this CD. It's become one of my favorites and I think it will be a favorite for you, too.

Blessings - Julie

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