Monday, April 29, 2013

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

Such an amazing week! It's been so nice here the past week - even with the windy days - and I've so enjoyed the nature blooming and birds singing! It's actually been so warm, I think we're going to have to start thinking about actually turning on the air conditioning. For now, however, I'm going to enjoy the lovely breezes through the house and accept the pollen filled air! lol

My blessings for this week:

71.  I am knitting! Through the wonderful YouTube videos, I've learned how to cast on and how to do the knitting stitch. I'm going to focus on this stitch for awhile until I get my stitches more even. I'm hoping that it will become second nature to me, like crochet is. Even if I never really make much, I'm just thrilled to actually be knitting!

72.  I've been sleeping better and that is such a total blessing! I had a few weeks where I would wake up in the night and stay awake for about 3 hours. How disrupting! The last few nights have been so much better and I've actually gotten some good sleep. Thankful!

73.  Our Bible study was such a blessing last week! We had two new ladies sit in with us, and again, everyone shared their hearts and we really got into the Word of God. I always come away from these studies so blessed and thankful for the ladies in my group and for all the Lord is showing us.

74.  I had the great privilege and blessing of meeting two of the ladies from my Bible study on two different days. I met one last week and we chatted for a good two hours. Yesterday, I met another lady and we talked for five hours! We looked up and realized we had been talking for four hours and then we ended up talking for another hour! lol It was so fun to get together with these ladies and they both just bless me so much.

75.  This is kind of a silly blessing, but it was a blessing nonetheless. My hubby and I went to WalMart together the other day to pick up some stuff we needed and I saw these.
Now there are two things about me you need to know. I love pens (and paper!) and I always, always write with a purple pen. How could I possibly pass these up? My hubby, I'm sure, thought I had more than enough pens, but he said to get them. I was so thrilled. I love these because they are a little bigger around and it makes it easier on my arthritic hands to use them. Plus, one is purple and one is pink! A girl has to have purple and pink pens! I was doubly blessed by the pens and then by my husband's sweetness in getting them for me. :)

Now it's your turn!! Share your own blessings on the linky below!

God bless you - Julie


  1. Those are sweet pens Julie. I am so glad my pain has decreased since the doctor's visit.

  2. My blessings.. the pain is gone, just a little discomfort left on my left arm. The asthma is gone with the change in weather. It's summer now so the cough is gone but the itchiness is back. Allergy is still there.
    Glad to link up again. It's great to share blessings with each other. I also read Vickie's blessings. A blessed week ahead.


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