Friday, April 19, 2013

Glimpses of Spring & Walking!

The last couple of days have been simply amazing for me. I have felt very energetic and less tired than I have felt in months! When you go through life in pain and tired all the time, you don't realize how very hard it is until you have days without the tiredness!

So, today I did so many things that I've been talking about doing for so long. One of those things was to go outside for a walk. Yes!! A walk! Me - with the bad knees and back! I didn't go far, mind you, but I did it! I walked around enjoying the sunshine and looking at all the beautiful things that are opening their "eyes" after a long, winter's nap.

First thing I had to check out was this

Look at all those beautiful yellow irises! So many blooms! Tomorrow hubby will fill the birdbath with water for all the gorgeous birds we saw today. Next I walked up the road and saw all these...

That's just a small snapshot of all the iris down our road. Hubby spent countless hours planting and planting iris down the road and now we have these beauties to greet us, and others, as we drive to our home. This wasn't the only exciting thing on the road. Look who came along with hubby and I on our little walk...

In case you can't tell, here's a closer look...

My youngest son! He had a back shot yesterday and was miserable, but today, he felt better - good enough to come along on our little walk. Praise God! Here's some more pics of things we saw...

That last picture is a bit fuzzy but I still had to share it because it's my lilac bush! We have about 5 of them around the property and I love, love, love them! They should be out in full bloom by tomorrow or the next day at which time I will be going out to gather a nice bouquet to enjoy inside. The smell of lilacs is so lovely!  Here is a favorite picture - the hubs and my son in front of the Blue Spruce - one of my favorite trees.

We also had another family member along for the walk. Look at that happy "smile"!

Sammy loves to go for a walk with his family and here he is with "his boy". Two of MY favorite boys...

I also saw these guys. I'm not sure if you can see them, but I had to share this pic...

Can you see the quail? You can see two of them to the left of the picture and then there is one next two the wire ring on the right side of the picture. I tried to get closer, but they were too fast. I love quail! We have so many here now.

I rejoice in the "small things". The small things can sometimes be the big things when you haven't been able to do them for awhile. I really love going out in God's creation and enjoying all the sights, smells and feeling His cool breezes that remind me He is there. Thank you, Lord.

God bless you - Julie


  1. I am so, so, so excited that you feel well enough to get out!

  2. Good news for you and your son Julie! So very glad for you both. My pain is down today too. And it is not currently raining!! whoo hoo!


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